What About Survival After a Disaster?

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Apply These Survival Tips for After the Disaster…

After Floods Disaster Survival

Its excellent planning to survive any major disasters or events but what happens in the aftermath when your survival plans kick in? These survival tips will guide you on how to survive the coming weeks which are going to be challenging and scary! Here is what to expect after the disaster which is more exaggerated depending on how big the event was.

You are happy that were smart and planned your survival in case a disaster happened, and after a catastrophe has caused major disruption and chaos in the country where you live, these emergency preparedness plans have come into play. Your survival planning would have saved your life and kept your family safe. Now what happens?

What to Expect after a Disaster.

Most survival planning gives you survival tips on what you need for an emergency but few give you facts on what really happens after the disaster event has happened. First of all in most cases of major catastrophes, a total loss of utilities can be the order of the day.

how to bug in forever after a disaster

Major storms, earthquakes and tsunamis will knock out electrical lines on the power grids; destroy gas pipe lines, and water mains in the area will be affected where the disaster occurred. These knock on effects will definitely be even more serious if there was an EMP attack or missile strikes. However, you will have planned for this… having emergency lights, water purification, and accessories to make fires, for cooking purposes, and for boiling water.

Utilities could be down for weeks or even longer after a disaster, so prepare to live carefully and sparingly with your survival resources and the most important survival tips for your safety is working out sanitation plans, and rationing the use of food and drinking water. For cooking, you will need arrange combustibles or if you have mini gas stoves use them as sparingly as possible to preserve the gas canisters.

Live Fire Gear for after a disaster

Be vigilant for refuges and looters that will want to take your survival gear off your hands. After a disaster prepare to defend yourself in the chaos with your survival defense equipment.

Food Survival Tips Disaster Aftermath.

Major disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, and severe weather conditions can often destroy grocery stores, food storage warehouses, or you may just be cut off from accessing these outlets for necessary supplies.

If there are stores accessible, in the chaos refugees can wipe out stocks very quickly in less than a day or two after the disaster. You will have planned your survival gear to have long term emergency food storage and MREs stocks, which need to be carefully conserved, while making certain that you and your family members still get proper nutrition.

After a Disaster Planning

If you have fled to an outdoor, or planned location in the wilds, then a handy guide on flora and fauna will show you what is safe to eat and poisonous and perhaps there are lakes and dams that could be fished. If you are going to have to survive a large scale disaster indefinitely you could start a survival garden after a disaster.

Safety and Security survival Tips.

Already social unrest and political sentiments have made people unstable, and after a disaster then the animal comes out, because it is human instinct to do everything possible to cling to life. In the chaos after huge disasters looting by criminal elements, and senseless raping, and killing of others by mentally unbalanced people, all become commonplace.

Family survival after a disaster
The desperation by people to survive causes them to do things they would not otherwise do in normal times, and a vital part of your survival kit must be weapons for self defense for safety and security of you and your family. Criminals are going to be roaming, actively seeking out those with supplies, and without self defense planning, you may become victims.

If your home survived the disaster, then use any means to fortify it and have a plan for a safe retreat if there are no alternative options, which everyone in the family knows about. If you have a firearm stashed in your survival gear, you should have planned how to use it.

The Authorities and Government Instability.

After large scale catastrophes authorities can impose draconian rules on families and in some cases forcefully evacuate people from their homes, sometimes without any empathy. Sometimes poor planning from disaster organizations after a disaster actually makes things worse for citizens.

Survival tips rule of thumb in this case, is to use your own instincts to listen to authorities, or not…. because remember infrastructure has now broken down and police and armed forces may not even be acting under proper leadership. Don’t trust every order from governments and authorities, and don’t wait to hear an order to evacuate but rather use your own survival emergency preparedness plan and adhere to this.

After a disaster Bugin Plans

Chaos from all quarters is normal after a disaster, especially large scale events, and the most important survival tips of all is having plans afterwards to stick to so that your survival is ensured.

Emergency preparedness foresight is vital considering the state of the world right now, yet too few people will really make a contingency plan to survive when everything descends into chaos around you. Surely you have watched movies or television series where this has happened and make mental notes for what YOU would do after a disaster.

Social Unrest Chaos after a disaster

Make proper survival plans by using these survival tips because remember your life is not a movie and a real disaster before and afterwards is scary, life threatening, and stressful on all fronts….


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