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New Survival Gear and Accessories

There are certain items that all survival kits should have without exception and if you are building your bug out bag  then it is a good idea to order more than one item of the same kind. having survival gear at alternative locations is sensible in case one of the locations become compromised.

Some of the survival gear shown is also versatile to use for camping and outdoors, or handy to keep in your vehicle when going on road trips…

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Below are some of the latest items on the market for survival kits and we will be adding more as they become available plus the newest practical survival guides which should also be carefully printed and stored with your survival gear. We will be adding more as soon as they are available so bookmark this website and visit us again…

Order these items conveniently online for yourself or for some for a great gift…


Best Survival Gear
Survival Fires Starter Tesla Lighters
Amazing New Tesla Survival Fire Starter: No flames, no smoke and no fuel required. Water and windproof fire starter, and simple to use for anyone. Absolute must for survival kits!
Survival Pack Accessories
Best Survival lights
Survival solar lantern for amazing light that lasts up to 12 hours after charging in the sunlight. Great for vehicles, camping or for a survival bug out bag. Must have affordable lightweight backup light.
Best Survival Guides and Survival Tools
Best Survival pocket stove
Compact pocket stove is useful for boiling water, cooking, and even heat for survival. Smokeless fuel can be stored inside this mini survival stove, and you can order additional fuel as needed too!!
Survival Supplies Online
Emergency body bag
The survival bag will fit into the palm of your hand so add a few to your bug out bag survival gear. Keep warm and avoid extreme cold and exposure! Grab free storm proof matches with this survival Sleeping bag!
Survival Gear Kits
Emergency preparedness Kits
Best Survival kit bug out bag Gear
This must have survival kit is packed with 13 essential survival items every bug out bag should have. Order today and get the vital guide showing you the many uses of each item in this survival kit neatly wrapped in durable para-cord!
Survival Kits and Survival tools
Best Survival water purification
Special filters built into this amazing water purification straw allow you to drink clean safe water which can save your life. Compact useful and durable for long term storage for any bug out bag.
Survival Playing card games
Order Survival Supplies Online
Fabulous survival playing cards which are a fun game while teaching everyone basic survival tips that will be invaluable when real disasters strikes. Wonderful practical gift for friends and family!
Emergency preparedness Survival Kits
Survival blanket
This durable reusable survival blanket prevents exposure in extreme freezing conditions, can be used as a shelter, plus has dozens more survival uses. Fits in the palm of your hand but huge when fully opened.

Disaster Survival Kits Online
Disaster Survival Kits Online