Your Tsunami Emergency Preparedness…

Tsunami Emergency preparedness

Tsunami Emergency Preparedness…

Tsunami Emergency Preparedness

Tsunamis are devastating and destructive just like earthquakes and Tsunami and like for any disaster, Tsunami emergency preparedness is vital for your survival.

These huge powerful waves that were called tidal waves in the past are caused by earthquakes out at sea or by landslides and coastal areas can be completely destroyed  when they come inland washing away everything in their path.

Today technology helps to give warnings of Tsunamis in most cases but sometimes they can still occur without any warnings but either way tsunami emergency preparedness can help you survive before or the aftermath of these devastating disasters.

When the authorities are aware of possible tsunamis then ample warnings are broadcast in the media telling people in the path of the tsunami to evacuate immediately.

If you have made proper Preparation to evacuate they you will have your survival bug out bag ready and survival gear and supplies because you never know how long you are going to have to survive on your own before rescue services are able to help. Your disaster supplies and survival gear should be ready to take at a moment’s notice when evacuation warnings are broadcast.

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Tsunami Emergency Preparedness Planning

You and your family need to know what the procedures are for evacuations and each member should be able to carry a bug out bag and, load the survival supplies into your vehicle. Someone should be given responsibility to take care of pets, the elderly and disabled members of the family to help evacuate

In case you and family members are separated at the time of the tsunami warnings and there is little time to get back together then everyone must be aware of the rendezvous point in the event of a tsunami. This must be as high ground and as distant as possible inland away from the coast where the most destruction will be experienced from a tsunami. As part of the tsunami emergency preparedness everyone must know the evacuation routes and also have some alternatives because main roads will more than likely become heavily congested.

Make sure your evacuation point is somewhere uphill and as far inland as possible, away from the coast where the tidal wave is said to strike. Your community might have predetermined evacuation routes. If so, know the routes and the alternatives in case the routes get congested with cars which often happens during the panic of evacuations.

Authorities recommend that 150  feet and higher  than that if possible above sea level is the best locations to survive a tsunami  but the further inland you can flee the better chances you are going to have to survive the wave of water.

Tsunamis in Coastal Areas

If you Are visiting the coast as tourist or seeing family and friends beware that your could be in a location that is prone to tsunamis but having mentioned that they can occur anywhere along coastal regions if seismic activity happens out at sea. If you are a tourist that cannot evacuate the area then find the highest floors in hotels or buildings to increase chances of survival. Radio and TV and mobile media will broadcast early warnings if possible so heed these and make haste to get to safety.

Disaster Survival Kits

Tsunami emergency preparedness means listening to all warnings and orders issued by disaster organizations and authorities without hesitation and when you aware aware help others by spreading these messages. If there is little time to evacuate then grab your survival gear and leave immediately.

Do not try and gather personal belongings that could delay you because this could put you at risk. Sometimes you can see the water receding abnormally warning you of an imminent tsunami and if you have then you have little time to evacuate, so use the time that you do have to save your life by seeking higher ground without delay.

Tsunami emergency preparedness means planning ahead to have disaster survival kits which can be purchased from many organizations and survival gear which you will find on this website. Have peace of mind that you have made sensible preparations to survive any disaster by having the foresight to start building your survival kits today!




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