is The Third World War Really Coming…Answers You Don’t Want to Know!

Is The Third World War REALLY Coming?

s The thrid World war really Coming?

The Major Crisis of a Third World War is Close on Three Different Fronts!

The Simple answer is YES! The third world war is really coming and not much can be done to stop it . If you follow the news then you will be acutely aware of acts of terrorism in all countries. Extremists activities, political fighting and unrest are causing a massive melting pot.

Many ask the question is the third world war really coming, and the biggest threat to triggering this and a nuclear holocaust is going to be North Korea.  Read this post if you have not already.

You may feel helpless watching the news stories unfold, and fear for what will happen to you and your family, children and loved ones. Of course measures can be put into place, but as human nature goes no one wants to make any survival plans perhaps for fear of being ridiculed or believing that nothing is going to happen because it’s just all conspiracies and doomsday prophets. ..or is it??

Natural Disasters The Planet at War with Itself.

Is the third world war really coming on a natural scale? YES! Mother Nature tries to correct the imbalances of the plant and there is much to be corrected right now.

She lashes out in frustration with earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other major catastrophes. Of course you may say that these have been around for centuries and that’s true but the prominence and frequency of these disasters is now more often than ever before.

Is The Third World war Really Coming on a Spiritual level? Yes!

World War 3

I don’t want to sound like a doomsday prophet, but how can you ignore the increase in devil worship, dabbling in the occult , and secret evil organizations I do not want to mention here, all orchestrating disastrous worldwide events. These same forces are at work accelerating the coming of World War 3 and the increase in natural disasters, ignoring global warming and other factors that are continuing to these..

What should you do?

There are certain measures you can put in place for your protection to survive major events, including a world war but that decision remains in your hands. These emergency preparations can minimize the impact on you and your family.

Use some of the resources on this website to get what you need and mostly educate yourself on what should be done when disaster strikes. (see the links at the footer of this post)

Unfortunately the answer to your question: Is The Third World War REALLY Coming? Is yes in all three counts so start making plans to survive….

World war 3


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