20 Vital Survival Kit List Items for All Disasters Preparedness

20 Vital Survival Kit List Items for All Disasters Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Survival kit List…

Survival Kit List Items

Getting Your Survival Kit Together: Here is What You Need!

You know you need to stockpile survival supplies but it can be a daunting task getting everything you need to survive together and also compact enough survival gear and supplies to take up as little space as possible.

There are many survival kit list guides for what you need in for disaster emergency preparedness but here we are going to provide you with a detailed list as recommended by Red Cross Disaster agencies and emergency rescue management organizations

Naturally survival kit list items will be slightly different to survive different types of disasters but the basics for all of them remain the same in most cases. It is a great idea to invest in a few tactical bug out bags to start off with to keep your survival gear neatly stored and ready to grab and go. If you have a family with children consider making each member that are able bodied enough to carry one a bug out bag so that you can increase the amount of survival supplies you have.

The Basic Minimum Survival Kit list Items

As mentioned before every survival kit is unique and even so the minimum bug out bag for survival is something everyone should have to survive a disaster or catastrophe and the foresight you had in stockpiling one will save your life later and you will be glad you made emergency preparedness plans…

If you live in a country that is prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, major floods or tornadoes proper survival plans are the sensible way to go and these can be stored at home and an alternative location. Your survival kit list only has to be put together once and afterwards maintained for integrity with regular checks at set intervals.
Monthly Survival gear Offers

The survival kit list below is worked out per person so multiply certain items to meet the needs of your family where required. There are also useful links to the latest survival gear for your convenience so that you can order some latest survival accessories on the market online for your convenience.

In later articles we will add other survival kit list idea from expert preppers so that you can rest assured you have covered all bases 100%

Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit Items

Lastly before moving on to the survival kit list take note that being equipped with the best survival gear supplies will stand you in good stead when you need to evacuate so they will be a worthwhile investment although right now when everything is calm it may not seem like it.

Here is the basic minimum survival kit list:

  1. Bug Out tactical bags to store survival gear that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice and loaded into vehicles when emergency evacuation is broadcast.
  2. Bottled water and water purification tables or accessories worked out for at least a gallon per person per day.
  3. Long Term storage emergency food MREs or ration Packs and other easy to prepare powdered form meals. Investigate nutrition requirements suitable for you and your family members.
  4. One or two Solar Powered Flashlights or lanterns for emergency light for nights when power is out.
  5. Solar or batter powered radio that you can listen to emergency broadcasts and news on to stay updated.
  6. Basic medical kit for wound dressings and basic OTC pain medications including surgical gloves.
  7. Swiss army knife or multi survival tools that can be used for different applications.
  8. Basic sanitation items like toilet paper and other hygiene items.
  9. Cell phone with solar powered chargers now available for communication if cell towers have not been affected.
  10. Emergency space compact blankets enough for each family member.
  11. Evacuation map with a few alternative routes marked roads that you will take in case of evacuations and a reliable compass.
  12. Personal documents or copies of important personal documents if possible and some extra cash.
  13. Medical accessories like tweezers, scissors, syringes, hearing aid batteries, contact lenses and other chronic medication if required.
  14. Groundsheets or Bivvys for shelter in case you will be left out in the open after earthquakes or other major catastrophes.
  15. Mini gas or compact survival stoves with relevant fuel for cooking and boiling water.
  16. Sturdy long bladed knife which can double as a defense accessory if required.
  17. Survival matches or accessory for starting fires for cooking and warmth.
  18. Self defense weapon which can be a gun if you are trained to use it or a sturdy knife as indicated in point 16.
  19. Rope or paracord at least 10 meters long for tying up shelters or other alternative emergency uses.
  20. Guides for basic survival that should be printed and laminated that can be used for information on what to do to survive for the duration of the disaster.

The above is the very basic survival kit list that you can put together to survive most disasters for a minimum of a week or a little longer if you ration out the supplies.

Long term Storage Survival Foods!

For long term survival for major catastrophes see the article  on this website with a list of more detailed survival items that can be stored at strategic locations or in bunkers and survival preplanned locations.


Chaos survival

5 Tips for Building Your Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit

Putting Together  a Survival Kit With Everything You Need to Survive!

Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit Items

Getting Started with Your Survival Kit

You know you need a survival kit to survive a disaster because you are smart and want to be prepared for any catastrophe but have no idea where to start and what exactly you need to have in your survival gear. With so many survival guides telling you what is best it certainly can be a little overwhelming.

Emergency preparedness survival

Here are some guidelines on what to have in your survival kit and bug out bags and to begin with consider investing in a tough durable tactical combat bag or two to keep your survival gear in. Disaster survival kits need to be ready on hand for evacuation and everyone in the family needs to know what to grab and go on a moment’s notice.

You’re Survival Kit Basics.

Get your survival gear together for emergency preparedness is best done in small steps or a little bit at a time starting from one point and working to get the items together a piece at a time.

First of all the very basic requirements that are not negotiable for survival are food , water and shelter, and then you can add other necessities like survival light, survival self defense weapons and medical supplies.


  1. For MRE and survival food rations you can visit a survival store or for convenience shop online for what you need… You will need at least three days of survival long term storage food for your bug out bags for each member of the family so order carefully working out proper nutrition suitable for adults and children.

Survival Kit Foods.

  1. Next you will need to keep safe drinking water in approved survival long term storage containers, and you will need to add water purification accessories and water filters to your bug out bags.

Emergency water Putrification

  1. Shelter is the next item on the list and you can get compact bivvys that double as sleeping bags which will not take up much room in your disaster evacuation survival gear bug out bags. Compact groundsheets are also an option which can be used to rig up a shade or rain shelter with a few branches or sticks if you bug out into the wilderness.

Emergency Shelter survival kit item

  1. Various Accessories you need to add to a separate bug out bag which is for the whole family survival, are solar or battery powered lights, compact gas or fire table stoves for cooking and boiling water, a basic medical kit with chronic medication if one of your family or you require it, and injury treatment items. Add safety matches, lighters, a small radio for listening to the news, maps. Compass and Para-cord.

Mini Survival Kit Stove

  1. Survival self defense in the form of a sturdy knife, handgun if you are trained in the use of one, or crossbow are some examples that must be in your accessory bug out bag.


More Basic Survival Kit Guidelines

  • Look for compact useful survival kit items to save space in your bug out bags.
  • Store your c survival water containers in a cool dry area where they won’t freeze, and the same applies for your long term storage foods…
  • Take time to pack your survival kit for maximum space usage and place all bug out bags in one place for easy access in case of evacuations.
  • Let each member of the family know where these survival bags are kept and that everyone must grab them when a disaster occurs.
  • Keep a checklist on your refrigerator or where the storage area is for the family disaster emergency evacuation bug out bags, and note on the list expiry dates of foods and medicines. Also regularly change the water to keep it fresh, Replace what you need when the expiry date is reached which can be yearly or very two years.

If you have excess space in your bug out bags additional items for health and hygiene can be added.


You will feel better and have peace of mind once you have a survival kit ready and everyone in the family is fully aware of what needs to be dome in evacuations. Should you be separated when a disaster strikes then at least two alternative meeting points must be arranged with everyone in the family. Natural disasters are increasing worldwide from adverse weather conditions to earthquakes and it is not a question of if a disaster strikes but rather when one does…

Survival Kit and Emergency Food supplies online
Survival foresight is there to guide you to have the foresight in planning to survive and you will find the latest in survival kit gear that is the attest practical on the market.