Survival After the Disaster…Short & Long Term!

Best Survival Guide: Surviving after a disaster

Survival After the Disaster…Short & Long Term!

Survival After The Disaster…How to Carry on Surviving…

Surviving after a disaster

Survival After The Disaster.. What Happens Now?

Looking at the chaos in the world today, my prediction is that major catastrophes are looming on the horizon. Maybe you have done preparations as best as you can to survive a major event or catasrophe, but what about survival after the disaster?

Are you thinking long term or short term where it concerns your survival, and if you are thinking short term few tweaks can help you survive longer…a lot longer if it need be? Your emergency preparedness gear should include some printed guides on farming, how to manage off the grid completely, about shelter, self defense and basic living essentials…

What Happens after a Major World Event?

Imagine a deadly pandemic wipes out a large portion of the population, or world war 3 happens destroying large parts of the world?  You and your family survived because you planned ahead so what happens in survival after a disaster?

First of all  main utilities like power stations and water plants are no longer manned or managed, so you need to figure out a electricity supply. This can be in the form of solar panels if you can scrounge these together, generators and fuel if you can find them or wind power?

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Survival After The Disaster What to do...

Green Energy (Creation)

Where it concerns water you should have short term methods of purification handy but what of longer terms. Learn about methods of water filtering, locating water sources, managing your water and sanitation. below are some selected accesories & guides to print and keep…

Here are some useful guides you should invest in for this.  and..

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Communication will go Down and the Internet Will Eventually Fail.

If you have a smart phone or GPS then the last loaded map will always be there to help you navigate for a while until your charge dies. Your emergency preparedness survival after the disaster gear should have a large map of the area and you should have a compass handy for navigation. No matter what happens you can also navigate by using the starts that will still be there indefinitely.

Survival Guides to Keep You Alive Indefinitely

After The Disaster Survival Guides

People Will go Back to Survival Instinct. No Holds Barred!

In survival after the disaster you should know that people become desperate to survive and will go to extremes for food water and medical supplies.  U should know how you will defend you and your family and defense gear and even some training in basic fighting techniques will help you ward off attackers…

Perhaps you can join forces with a small trustworthy group of survivors and this can help with self protection and preservation.

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Location and Shelter Survival After The Disaster.

Depending on the disaster or event, it could happen that towns cities and suburbs may be reduced to rubble and full of looters and criminal elements so somewhere on a plot of land or small farm which you can fortify will be the best shelter for survival long term.

Family Bunker Survival Plans

Invest in guides on basic farming, and about what you can use in nature for your own survival including what plants can be eaten or be used for medicinal purposes. In addition to this a guide on basic medical care and techniques to help ill or injured people is a great must have for survival after the disaster kits.

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As you will note survival after the disaster can be long term or short term so the best way to cover for this is investing in guides which can be printed out and stored in waterproof files somewhere safely. Better still to have more than one copy handy just in case the one at the first  survival location evacuation point is compromised by the disaster


Emergency Evacuation Plans

Do You Have Emergency Supplies Ready?

Planning Emergency Supplies for Disaster Survival.

Emergency Supplies

Ignore people that claim you are paranoid because you are planning emergency supplies and a place of safety to survive a disaster, because in reality, current world events like natural and man made disasters are on the increase.

It is wise to prepare for home evacuation which could be forced on you to survive disastrous hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes or even terrorist acts. Arranging emergency supplies in alternative locations can ensure the survival of you and your family, and now is the time to have the foresight to prepare because during the chaos of disaster then it will seem as if the whole world around you is falling apart.

You Could be Stuck in a Dangerous Survival Situation.

When people are fleeing a disaster area then chaos is the norm with desperate people becoming aggressive, criminal elements on the rampage looting and even killing, and refugees causing congestion and destruction. It is wise to practice evacuation drills with your family and show them where your emergency supplies are stored…
Emergency Supplies Store

Your family must be trained to know where the place of safety and meeting will be where you have stored your emergency supplies and survival gear. When disasters happen without warning, family members could be separated so plan some sort of communication system that the entire family and extended family are aware of.

Emergency Supplies at Home and Alternative Locations

Many families have fortified cellars or even built bunkers to survive disasters but it may happen that these plans become compromised when your home is damaged in a disaster. It is sensible to have alternative locations where emergency supplies and shelter can be accessed in this case. Arranged dedicated safe zones where emergency supplies are stored, on site and off site to cover any eventuality. One of the most important survival gear pieces of equipment overlooked in emergency supplies is self defense because during chaos you will need to be able to protect your family.

Invest in a firearm and learn how to use it to protect you and your family from criminal elements, or desperate refugees that may try and take your emergency supplies from you by force.

Emergency Supplies and Long term Stoarge Foods

With large scale disasters like earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis often causing major breakdown of utility supplies and infrastructure, your emergency supplies should contain sufficient long term storage foods to last at least 3 weeks or even longer. The most important supplies are water purification and food, followed by medical supplies and shelter.

Survival Training.

Although you have made adequate preparations in emergency supplies and have a good evacuation plan in place for your family go a step further and prepare them mentally.  There are great guides and even survival games that will help your family learn what it takes to overcome trying conditions.

Practicing evacuation drills and even surviving for a few days as if a disaster has really happened will make them strong and ready to survive when a real disaster happens.

Discuss with extended family your emergency preparedness plans for survival and where to get to the emergency supplies and places of safety. It is important to be able to help each other and it begins with opening up lines of communication so that everyone is prepared.
Emergency Evacuation Practice

Emergency Supplies Check and Practice

If you have had the foresight to prepare properly to survive any disaster then you are wise but go one step further to practice evacuation drills and periodically check the integrity of your emergency supplies at all locations.

Keep records of long term storage food expiry dates, water supplies and other gear so that you have peace of mind that you are ready to survive any catastrophic disaster whether natural or manmade. As technology improves with newer state of the art survival gear you can further add these items to your emergency supplies as time goes on too.


End Time Signs Chaos

Believe, That End Times are Unfolding!


The Devil is Coming for You! End Times are Here!

Survival Preparedness

The increase in atheism is alarming just as it is for Satanism worship perhaps both sides believing that there needs to be some sort of proof before they will truly believe in God, Jesus and heaven…

There is just too much truth about the war between good and evil, and even when proof stares in you in the face your human nature is going to dismiss it.  The world is and the goodness of people is dwindling showing that we are all sliding into an evil pit. End times are prophecies in the bible with signs all around like the now often occurrence of the blood moon, the abolishment of Christianity in schools, crime spiraling out of control and many more examples,

Governments are now Corrupted & World economies are Collapsing

The United States is a powerful nation and because of this it affects countries all over the world. Deep levels of corruption exist right up to the president and whatever rules and laws are implemented the humble citizen has no choice but to follow like sheep. If you do some search online about the Antichrist and signs of end times you will see just how deep conspiracies go. Illuminati Conspiracies. Click here for More

Disasters both natural and manmade are increasing and never mind there are serious diseases like Ebola which is an unstoppable plague. Preparing you and your family for survival is crucial.

family Survival how to bug in forever

The current chaos is a result of the devil preparing to rule over an evil world which will happen as soon as the Christians become a minority!

Whether you know it or not, you will be forced carry the mark of the beast which is a newly planned system of tattooing bar-codes on your wrist or forehead which contain all your personal and credit information. Perhaps by now you have seen a movie of this!

It’s nothing to do with the conspiracy of the bar-codes having the number 666 within them somewhere but YOU having a permanent mark on your body forced upon you by the government!

REV 13:16 and he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,

Revelations in the Bible Tell of end times.

The bible has clearly mapped out world events indicating what will end times signs be, and although no one knows how time frames work in the bible it is not too difficult to work out that these have arrived.

Some readings in revelation indicate and include end times signs like the current recessions, war, feminine is some countries, the rising of the beasts, serious natural disasters and man’s inhumanity to man! Brutal crimes against men, women, and children are common and Christians are openly persecuted in certain world countries.

Your Life is Already Regulated & Controlled By The Antichrist.

Scoff at this if you like……!

It can be seen on the news and all around us that Evil is surfacing every where with Satanism reaching and now controlling even the highest levels of government. Is Obama the Antichrist many people are asking and naturally you cannot get a straight answer because of FEAR!

The decisions being made by many governments seem way over the heads of the interests of the people and top politicians and the wealthy are part of a covert organization known as the illuminati.

The Illuminati Signs

Deep in your soul you know that there is something wrong in the world and the Antichrist already walks among us, so start preparing yourself.

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Remember … The meek shall inherit the earth!

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