How Do You Survive When There’s An Earthquake – Before Or After The Effects?

Earthquakes are the most dangerous and destructive natural disaster in the whole world. They sometimes occur in the tectonic plates, but however that is not the case, you cannot predict in which area the earthquakes will erupt most of the time they can be unpredictable and as a result people find it scary and terrifying so the best way to survive the earthquake is to prepare yourself for the outcome from both before or after the effects.

How do you survive the earthquake? Then here’s are some survival tips that will help you prepare yourself and your family before the earthquake hits.

  • Always stay calm and follow the basic instructions during the ground motion or commonly known as “before the earthquake. Always remember how to react when it comes to the upcoming earthquake for example where to hide and how to cover yourself from the falling debris and other objects, for example, ducking under the table or stay seated inside your car for these objects will cover your whole being from anything that might have fallen onto you.
  • Be sure that you are fully stock with supplies. When encountering an earthquake it is better to be prepared and that would mean stocking emergency supplies such as radio, first aid kit, two weeks worth of food and water, blankets, tools, and flashlights. These are important and essential to your survival.
  • Make sure that your house is safe before the earthquake strikes. Make sure that all your breakable objects are kept inside a drawer or closet with a lock so that they won’t fall and be destroyed by the wave. This includes heavy objects as well this way you have to worry about them falling on top of you.
  • Stay indoors or take cover. When the earthquake strikes be sure to drop whatever you doing and take cover, if you indoors find a safe place to hide and wait out, but if you are driving outside make sure that you are an area that there are no bridges or any falling objects that might have the potential to dropped on you and stay seated in your car, but if you are anywhere near a dangerous area get out of the car and find a place where there isn’t.
  • Check for injuries or call your family if they are okay for you have survived the worst of the earthquake.

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With these survival tips, now you know how to survive and make sure that you will remain safe from or any other potential dangers that would have fatally harm you.

It is very important to follow this procedure in order to ensure your increase of survival. Learn how to prepare yourself before the earthquake strikes and learn how to survive during and after the earthquake for there will be destruction and damages to areas around the island, possibly electrical, and/or water problem that might cause a potential shortage.

In the end, learn how to survive, see here, and you will live long enough to see another day.


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