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Your Survival Comes First Guides

Your Survival Comes First! Why the Media Downplays the Obvious When Disasters Loom.

Your Survival Comes First Guides

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Governments will squash the media freedom of speech to prevent panic when there is a major catastrophe facing the country, and by the time the real proverbial shit hits the fan then it is already way out of control.  Your survival depends on how smart you are in keeping tabs on world events, economies, and social unrest, terrorism and disease outbreaks.

When disasters loom then those that have emergency preparedness plans in place will be those that will survive. Following local and foreign news gives you firsthand information about volatile situations that could erupt into all out war which could escalate to the large world powers stepping in which could be even disastrous. Your survival means keeping abreast of world events, adverse weather changes, and natural shifts in nature.

Your Survival plans for Disease pandemics

Then there is news of disease outbreaks like Ebola and Zika, H1N1 Influenzas, bird flu and the like, are all often also downplayed in the media to prevent panic and because your survival comes first you have already enough survival gear and information to weather whatever the disaster throws at you.

Your Survival Plans Saves YOUR Life & Your Family’s

Those that plan surviving a disaster of any sort are often ridiculed, but when catastrophes strike it’s the survival ‘preppers’ that are the ones with cool heads; that have a plan to evacuate; survive and manage the worst, and can do so  for as long as it takes.

Survival Plans Gear

When governments do everything possible to downplay the severity of a disease outbreak, or act of terrorism that can cause war, or tell you that the coming hurricane, or radiation fallout from a nuclear reactor accident is not as severe as what you see on the news then it’s time to wake up and pay even more attention to what’s happening around you. Your survival plans depends on your ability to spot the obvious cover ups and it is not that hard when you do a little digging.

Remember Chernobyl, and the current Fukishima nuclear reactor crisis after the Japanese Tsunami; all downplayed but in reality were catastrophic and still affecting large amounts of the planet. Don’t scoff to believe that everything is a conspiracy, because then you are going to have a rude awakening.

Your Survival Plans Educational cards

Your survival plans only have to be formulated once, just like your survival gear and kit only has to be purchased and stored once. After that it is just a matter of maintaining what you have and adding any useful guides, survival kit and keeping the long term emergency foods stores up to date.

You will find some amazing survival gear and survival guides that are invaluable for your long term survival so make an effort for making your survival plans now while you can. In a major catastrophe there will no longer be the internet or even power to run it so while you have a chance absorb as much information as you can, plan your escape route, stash your survival kit at some smart locations and get your children and family up to scratch on what has to be done when the SW@#$t really hits the fan!

Your Survival Comes First


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