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Others may think you are paranoid, and even laugh at you when you tell them you are stockpiling emergency food and survival gear, and you have taught your family evacuation drills, but who will have the last laugh when a major disaster, terrorist attack or war strikes? Survival Planning is vital today, right now!

In the media you have surely seen on TV or perhaps have read of the horrific terrorist attacks by the organization Known as ISIS, and then you cannot ignore global warming which is escalating the number of natural disasters we are experiencing, from floods to extreme storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, and cyclones all over the world.

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Recently New Zealand and Italy suffered heavy earthquakes and tsunamis, flash floods in South Africa caused major damage on the roads, and with the newly elected Donald Trump as president in the US some major world changes in country relations could be on the way. Making family survival plans and stashing survival gear is your front-line defense to survive the worst. Your survival Planning will save your lives, and those of your family! just recently major devastating earthquakes have hit Indonesia and Trinidad, and you cannot ignore there is an increase in natural disasters all over the world!

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The news is one source showing you that natural disasters are on the increase, and accelerating, like the incidences of tornadoes, earthquakes floods, hurricanes and tsunamis, and this is the reality, real not imagined! The lives of you and your family will be adversely affected if you have not made emergency preparedness plans, and if you make the decision to plan your evacuation and survival gear, then this website will have done its work in helping you prepare to survive! Once you have your survival provisions in place all you need do is regularly check their integrity and nothing more….but you have peace of mind of having the foresight to survive!

The World At War With Itself…Chaos is Coming

I am not trying to be a doomsayer, but proper survival planning  will prepare, and this website is there so that you can have the survival foresight to make these plans. We are living in scary times with massive increases in social unrest and chaos, spikes in serious crimes, violence and terrorist attacks. All over the world people are rioting and protesting, indicating the deep underlying tension, aggression, and stress people are under;  and never mind that… like mentioned above, look how natural disasters are increasing.

Perhaps God is angry, whether you are a believer or not? Maybe global warming is affecting the planet adversely, perhaps nature is self righting things to decrease the population and bring back the natural balance and order to protect the planet?

You really need the foresight to start thinking about where we are heading, and make smart emergency preparedness plans for you and your family survival. having survival gear and evacuation protocols in place is a smart choice plus survival planning will give you peace of mind too. Watch the videos, read the guides and information and you will agree your survival planning is not negotiable!

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Be relieved you have arrived at this website which covers EVERYTHING you will ever need in guides, survival kit, survival gear, emergency long term storage foods, and emergency supplies from medical kits to self defense equipment. Bookmark this page and return to order what you need until you have built up the best possible survival kits and gear, with necessary printed guides to refer to when you need to.

The Foresight Of Survival Planning Emergency Supplies & Survival Gear

It’s simple enough to access survival gear, emergency foods supplies, expert informative guides on family survival and all the survival supplies you need using the internet. Remember that in most cases disasters strike without warning, and if you never properly prepared with a survival tools, the tragic result is that you and your family could suffer serious injury, or death! How long will you need to survive on your own… and can you?

No it’s not a conspiracy theory when you see the looming disasters in the world, where ruthless presidents and governments are making irrational and dangerous decisions that affect their citizens.  What about the ever increasing incidence of all those television series, and even films about pandemics, war, and yes even zombies have a backbone of truth running through them. Shows you what is on people’s minds isn’t it… Start survival planning today because it will save your life…

The tampering of DNA by scientists, genetic modification in plants and animals can all have serious backlash in the future. During disaster chaos, panic and destruction are the order of the day and those that have had the foresight or planning emergency supplies, survival food, and even have built bunkers to ride out the disaster will be happy they had it…

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Your Survival Planning Depends on You!

Ignore the skeptics and naysayers that tell you everything is under control, because this is a false calm before the storm. You have the chance to access what you need here in the latest survival guides, survival gear, and emergency food stores where you can find everything you will ever need to survive any disaster or emergency, whether man made or natural.

It’s better to have all the survival tools and a proper emergency evacuation plan, and survival kit ready even if it is just stored away gathering dust ready to save your life, rather than nothing at all! Once you have survival tools and supplies all they need is maintenance occasionally to make sure the integrity remains sound. Browse the Links on this website and make plans to survive because survival foresight is the smart decision.