Survival After the Disaster…Short & Long Term!

Best Survival Guide: Surviving after a disaster

Survival After The Disaster…How to Carry on Surviving…

Surviving after a disaster

Survival After The Disaster.. What Happens Now?

Looking at the chaos in the world today, my prediction is that major catastrophes are looming on the horizon. Maybe you have done preparations as best as you can to survive a major event or catasrophe, but what about survival after the disaster?

Are you thinking long term or short term where it concerns your survival, and if you are thinking short term few tweaks can help you survive longer…a lot longer if it need be? Your emergency preparedness gear should include some printed guides on farming, how to manage off the grid completely, about shelter, self defense and basic living essentials…

What Happens after a Major World Event?

Imagine a deadly pandemic wipes out a large portion of the population, or world war 3 happens destroying large parts of the world?  You and your family survived because you planned ahead so what happens in survival after a disaster?

First of all  main utilities like power stations and water plants are no longer manned or managed, so you need to figure out a electricity supply. This can be in the form of solar panels if you can scrounge these together, generators and fuel if you can find them or wind power?

Here are some useful guides you should invest in for this. (Watch Video)

Survival After The Disaster What to do...

Green Energy (Creation)

Where it concerns water you should have short term methods of purification handy but what of longer terms. Learn about methods of water filtering, locating water sources, managing your water and sanitation. below are some selected accesories & guides to print and keep…

Here are some useful guides you should invest in for this.  and..

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Communication will go Down and the Internet Will Eventually Fail.

If you have a smart phone or GPS then the last loaded map will always be there to help you navigate for a while until your charge dies. Your emergency preparedness survival after the disaster gear should have a large map of the area and you should have a compass handy for navigation. No matter what happens you can also navigate by using the starts that will still be there indefinitely.

Survival Guides to Keep You Alive Indefinitely

After The Disaster Survival Guides

People Will go Back to Survival Instinct. No Holds Barred!

In survival after the disaster you should know that people become desperate to survive and will go to extremes for food water and medical supplies.  U should know how you will defend you and your family and defense gear and even some training in basic fighting techniques will help you ward off attackers…

Perhaps you can join forces with a small trustworthy group of survivors and this can help with self protection and preservation.

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Location and Shelter Survival After The Disaster.

Depending on the disaster or event, it could happen that towns cities and suburbs may be reduced to rubble and full of looters and criminal elements so somewhere on a plot of land or small farm which you can fortify will be the best shelter for survival long term.

Family Bunker Survival Plans

Invest in guides on basic farming, and about what you can use in nature for your own survival including what plants can be eaten or be used for medicinal purposes. In addition to this a guide on basic medical care and techniques to help ill or injured people is a great must have for survival after the disaster kits.

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As you will note survival after the disaster can be long term or short term so the best way to cover for this is investing in guides which can be printed out and stored in waterproof files somewhere safely. Better still to have more than one copy handy just in case the one at the first  survival location evacuation point is compromised by the disaster


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