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Disaster Survival Protection Plans

Stocking Long Term Survival Emergency Food.

Emergency Food for Disaster Preparedness..

Food is one of our basic needs and when disaster strikes or is looming people rush out to stock up often finding too late that supermarket shelves are already empty.  It is very important to have a supply stock of emergency food that has long term shelf life ready for you and your family especially when disaster and calamity strikes.

Natural disasters like flood, earthquake or hurricane often come with no warning. By having a stockpile of emergency food and water handy you can lessen the amount of stress and impact brought by these catastrophes. Food serves as fuel to our body, and during survival times you will need more of it to carry on through difficult situations and for you and your family to survive.

Most of the times you tend to think that this emergency food should just have to meet our basic needs, but if you plan it right you will be able to get the right food for this situation for your family to manage survival for a number of days.

With long term storage emergency food nutrients you will get from it will not be compromised. These emergency freeze dried foods are also protein-rich foods that give you the energy you will need in these stressful situations. Aside from this, there are also other factors to consider when it comes to emergency food.

You should keep emergency foods in your stockpiles separately according to their expiration dates and just replenish those once they pass their expiry dates. These that do not have extensive storage are usually your canned goods. From time to time you should check the expiration date of them for integrity.

It is also very important to bring a can opener since these foods will be useless if you cannot open them something most people forget to add to their survival kits….. Mental alertness and good physical condition during a disaster can be attained only if you are well-prepared. The emergency food you store, water supplies and medial items in your survival kits all plays a significant role in survival.

When you plan ahead you are able to select the right kind of emergency freeze dried foods to consume during these situations. You can include in your list items such as peanut butter because it is a good source of fats and proteins. Long term storage whole wheat crackers can also be used as a substitute for sandwiches. Trail mixes and nuts are also convenient foods to bring for snack purposes. Dried fruits like raisins and apricots are also advisable to bring because of the significant amount of potassium and calories you can get from it.

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Don’t forget to store sufficient supplies of bottled water. The normal stock of water of water should be for at least three days. Aside from drinking purposes, you should also think that it will also be used for washing or cooking. When water is scarce you can drink sports drinks to also help rehydrate your body.

You can also bring supplies of  multi-vitamins so that your body will still get the nutrients from a normal diet. When one of the family members has regular medication it is very important that it is included in the stockpile of your survival kits.

Instances when a warning is given before the calamity like a typhoon, you can still go to the supermarket to buy foods but you should also consider dropping in the farmers market where the produce are fresher. This will add in the life span of you groceries like fruits and vegetables. Immediately visit stores when you receive a warning as people rush to stock up and you may be too late. While you can right now consider stockpiling long term freeze dried emergency foods just in case this happens

All of these tips and suggestions will surely help you carry on surviving during a disaster until help arrives. You should always remember that disaster can happen anytime, so be prepared and use common sense thinking in advance to become a  survivor and be there for your family in this dire time of need..


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