Planning Hurricane Survival the Sensible Way!

Hurricane Survival Plans

Vital Hurricane Survival Guidelines and Gear!
Hurricane Survival Plans

Planning Hurricane Survival…

Large suburban areas of Florida were severely affected by the recent Hurricane Mathew and those that had hurricane survival preparations in place were glad that they had the foresight. Most homes were without power for a week and longer which meant that food in refrigerators spoiled and there was no lighting except that from emergency generators where people had them.

Emergency Lighting
Hurricane survival plans were made by some stores offering people bottled water and some essentials but this was soon sold out. Those that took heed of thee warnings barricaded windows to prevent flying debris causing injuries. Strong lightweight boards are best for this purpose and if you live in a hurricane prone location consider sturdy shutters to be installed.

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The Hurricane Survival Aftermath.

Boards that are used to shore up windows and other areas of the home that can be comprised by high winds and flying debris can easily be stored flat in a garage or shed and after the storm are useful for temporary repairs or even shelter if need be.

If you lived in Florida you will have found that many gas stations were sold out of gasoline shortly after the warnings were broadcast. If you have hurricane survival mentality you would have had some gas canisters stored safely and ready to gas up vehicles should an evacuation be broadcast.

Planning Hurricane Survival

Evacuation escape routes were also jammed with people in a hurry to get out of the Florida area where the hurricane was said to hit the hardest. Keep a map of alternative routes for evacuation especially if you live in a hurricane prone area.

Hurricane Warnings in the Media.

Warnings broadcast in the media of a coming hurricane should be heeded but also bear in mind that the media can also work on sensationalism and blow things way out of proportion.

It is important to have a small battery operated or solar powered radio as part of your hurricane survival gear so that you can stay abreast of what is happening once the power goes down.

Hurricane Survival Radio
Listen to the information at hourly intervals and turn the radio off to conserve its power. Naturally communication may also be affected so avoid using phones for a while to save the batteries in case you require them for GPS or emergency calls when the power is restored.

If you have children some board games and card games are great hurricane survival gear because these will keep young minds busy and prevent panic setting in.

Your Survival Plans Educational cards
Small generators are another great item to keep so that you can use them to power refrigerators for a while when the power goes out. Fuel should be kept close by for them and seek out economical generators that are just sufficient to keep small and necessary appliances running.

Hurricane Survival Supplies Food and Water.

There are some great MRE survival foods and water purification tables and devices which should be part of every survival kit. Living in a hurricane area means having canned goods stored but make certain dates are current and discard those that pass bets before dates for your safety to prevent food poisoning…

Hurricane High Winds
Mini pocket stoves or barbecues are a great asset for cooking while waiting for power to be restored, and if you have propane powered barbecues make sure they are full with a spare canister handy.

Coffee, tea, and some alcohol if you prefer is useful so keep plenty stocked because these do have a long shelf life.

Evacuation Hurricane Survival Plans

If the hurricane has begun many evacuation can be made difficult when roads are comprised by fallen trees and fences or collapsed walls so a sturdy van or off road vehicle is a good investment if you live in a hurricane prone location.

A chainsaw, winch and ax can all come in handy and can be stored in your vehicle top remove tree branches where need be. Keep the chainsaw next to a strong handsaw in your tool shed with a full canister of fuel allocated to the chainsaw.

Hurricane and Typhoon Survival Plans
After hurricane Mathew blew itself out, it took some time for emergency services to arrive and for the first few hours and days you are on your own. Plan hurricane survival and educate everyone in the family what needs to be done so they stay calm and ready to survive during and after the hurricane has spent itself.


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