North Korea Missile Testing: Could This Mean End Times?

North Korea Missile Testing

North Korea Missile Testing Could Mean all Out Nuclear War…

North Korea nuclear war

North Korea Missile Testing: Should You Be Worried?

It’s like a game of poker between the Trump and Kim Jong-oen, with each waiting for the other to show their hands, while the world waits with bated breath to see how the result will unfold. The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-oen has continued with North Korea missile testing this year, with over a dozen tests performed so far, and has also threatened to let missiles rain down on the U.S military base in Guam.


Donald trump with his tactlessness could trigger a war with just with a wrongly worded tweet say the experts, and it’s no wonder that many believe an armageddon is on the horizon. Survival preppers are going all out to gather survival gear, and many have even invested in bomb shelters and bunkers, but with what is happening right now… no one is laughing at them.  Proper survival planning can save your life, and it does not take much to get the basics together.

Trump is not the sort of person that will stand down, and neither is Kim Jong-oen and although warnings have been sent to him by the UN to stop the North Korea missile testing, they have been ignored.  Even sanctions have not done much to prevent the building of new nuclear missiles and bombs by north Korea. These missile tests further damage the environment, and are considered a statement of war, and why are the mille tests being done anyway… is a question on many people’s lips. The growing number of nuclear weapons in the North Korean arsenal certainly is a cause for concern, and stockpiling continues.

Kim was livid with the yearly military exercises of South Korea and the U.S on the 21st August,  claiming it’s a plan to invade his country. This is one of the reasons he wants to target Guam which is approximately 3380 km south of his country. Trump has retaliated, mentioning that all hell will break loose if he does this.

Guam is the U.S air force base as well as one of the largest caches of ammunition in the world, with estimates of over 9 million weapons and ammunition items are stored. So what is going to be the outcome of north Korea missile testing , the threats, and what can you do about it?

North Korea Missile Testing

The answer is simple and that is make survival plans that give you peace of mind and you will find everything you need on this website. Survival plans not only will help save you and your family’s lives in the event of war,  but also survive major natural disasters the likes of the hurricane and storms in texas right now. The decision lays in your hands….


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