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Survival Defense


Survive…Kill or be Killed to protect You and Your Family

Many apocalypse and disaster TV series like ‘Containment, The Strain, Walking Dead, Z Nation and Aftermath to name but a few, show how average people go back to the basic instinct of ‘kill or be killed’ to protect their families, supplies and shelters. Planning survival defense should be part of your emergency preparedness plans, so some form of defense weapons must definitely be part of your survival kits.

Survival Defense Weapons

The easy basics to add to your survival gear storage in survival defense weapons are a sturdy knife or dagger, a ‘panga’ or long bladed knife and an axe, which can double as equipment to clear underbrush and chop wood… and if possible a gun of sorts. Naturally you should investigate some form of training to be able to use it otherwise when the time comes you may be at a loss to defend yourself.

Survival Defense is Vital for Long and Short Term Survival.

Even in current times, you can already sense the level of mistrust and aggression in society between people, and this is unrest and dissatisfaction is already targeted at governments and large institutions like banks and corporations for examples. Violent protects are becoming common news topics, and the increase in terrorism and war between nations is also escalating at an alarming rate. When you add a major natural disaster to the mix, then survival defense will be crucial for your own protection.

Basic weapons for survival defense and ammunition can be purchased at most hardware stores, or at a Wal-Mart store, and a suitable gun, croosbow, or sturdy dagger from weapon suppliers with sufficient stocks of ammunition. It is important top make sure that you have sufficient ammunition for your guns and crossbows, and make an effort to practice a few times at a shooting range to become comfortable enough to use it. It can also be useful to get some basic self defense training which is available at many martial arts centers. Here are Some Links to useful self Defense Items you can order directly online below:

Self Defense Tactical Pen

Self Defense Tactical Flashflight

Self Defense Training

Concealed Card  Razor Sharp Blade

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Survival Self defense Training

Food, Water ,and Survival Defense Weapons.

Those three items are essential for any survival kits and for natural disasters at least a weeks’ worth of supplies are necessary to begin with. For all out survival preppers that want to be prepared for the worst you can  go a step further to build a full on bunker survival shelter or make proper storage for survival at your chosen locations.
……………….Disaster Chaos Survival Defense

A basic emergency preparedness evacuation kits called a bug out bag is useful to start off with, and the basic survival gear can be stored in these bags with one for each family member. The amount of people that are now making an effort to plan to survive any disaster is on the increase and with the wave of disasters shows and apocalypse movies coming out it goes to show what is on people’s minds.

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Will You Survive a catastrophe or disaster?

There are many ways to plan to survive any events, from building solid underground bunkers for shelter, to storing your survival supplies at strategic locations, and teaching everyone in the family survival plans. Alternatively be the one that sticks their head in the sand and call it all sensationalism. Having said that, you cannot ignore what is happening today… with major earthquakes hitting countries all over the world, the increase in social unrest and aggression, political upheavals and adverse weather.

Survival Defense Planning

Survival defense planning will help you fend off others that never had the FORESIGHT TOP PLAN FOR THEIR SURVIVAL WHEN THEY COULD. You have the chance o be better prepared right now so take time to work out survival plans while you can.

Can you survive without the comforts around you?

When you want water you turn on a tap, need light then flick a switch, want to cook then use the stove, all the comforts we have gotten used to.

Need food then pop down to the local store and its all there neatly on the shelves for you to pick and choose… What happens when those are no longer there and you need to survive without them?  Take the family on a camping trip, and rough it and see what you need to do to survive without all those comforts.

Plan survival and survival self defense and that is one concrete step o giving you peace of mind that in any major event where your world is going to be turned upside down… if it comes to that kill or be killed to protect your family and survive.

Survival Defense Weapons
Owning a firearm is the best from of safety guarantee and will protect you like no other survival defense item can. If you do invest in one then learn how to use it properly at a shooting range and once you are satisfied and comfortable using it make certain you have a good stock of ammunition added to survival defense gear.

When you are a properly trained gun owner you will know what to do and how to react in a life threatening situation. If it is not possible get a hand gun for survival self defense then consider the next best thing like an air gun , crossbow, or hunting rifle



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