The Increase in Survival Trends in 2017

Survival Trends

The Global Increases in Survival Trends in 2016-2017

The Cuase of Increase in Survival trends in 2016-2017

The Increasing Survival Trends in 2017…

Survival preppers are growing all over the world and it is easy to understand why this trend is increasing. Just watch the news and see how deadly earthquakes are devastating towns and cities, tornadoes, hurricanes and extreme adverse weather conditions are causing death and destruction and then there is human aggression and chaos on the increase. Survival trends are growing and you should take a moment to think about that a little.

Being fully prepared for a major disaster does not have to be complicated, and if you want to stay with survival trends in new gear and long term storage foods Survival Foresight is just one of the many thousands of websites offering the latest in emergency preparedness gear and supplies…

Most people over-complicate getting survival gear and supplies together, often going completely overboard and investing far too much money and time. To begin with a bug out bag for everyone in the family is a great foundation, but if you want to have complete peace of mind then go with the survival trends to make full preparations for the coming crises.

On the human race side of the coin it is not hard to see that collapse is imminent and the ingredients for World war 3 are all in the pot with political upheavals, violent protests, and increasing terrorism and aggression between countries.

Survival Trends 2016-2017

The cause of survival trends on the natural side is global warning causing increased unbalance in nature the result being extreme natural disasters even in countries where there never were any of these catastrophes.

Survival Trends Give Peace of Mind to Preppers.

An emergency preparedness plan and evacuation plans in place for you and your family certainly will give you some peace of mind, and all you need to do is prepare once and keep all your survival gear in good condition by doing regular checks.

The simple requirements in survival emergency preparedness are not hard to get together and neither do they have to be expensive. Your survival gear checklists needs to make certain you have medicine, food, water, a means of power for light and cooking and defense gear which I will leave to your imagination.

Staying with Survival Trends as a Prepper Mean You are Not at The Mercy of Others When Disaster Strikes.

Who are you going to rely on in the aftermath chaos, when everyone changes to become dog eat dog? Will you reply on the government or law and order organizations? The entire infrastructure changes after a disaster and sometimes you will need to survive on your own for days or even weeks until order is restored.

Join the survival trends so that you are one of the smart ones who really have the supplies and knowledge to be able to survive and thrive even in the worst of aftermath disaster situations.

Even if you stockpile everything in survival gear and supplies don’t stop there but go a step further to invest in survival guides that will give you the knowledge on the survival skills to you need for surviving a long-term disaster, you’re still going to need the survival skills that will keep you and your family when all hell breaks loose and there is chaos everywhere.

Survival Trends Preppers

Some Preppers make the mistake of just hoarding survival supplies but have no idea on survival skills and what will REALLY need to be done before, during or after a disaster.

Join the survival trends and make at least the basic emergency preparedness plans and a bug out bag or survival gear and supplies for each member of the family that are able to carry one. Never mind what others say it is your and your family’s lives that are at stake!



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