Ignore These End Time Signs at Your Peril!

End Times Survival

End Times Signs are Here! do you Have Emergency Preparedness Plans to Survive?

End Time Signs

Most people live their day to day lives oblivious to the gathering forces of evil around them. The bible quotes in revelations that the Antichrist is coming and if you have not made your choice you are doomed to the fires of hell. End times are here and the signs are all around you! If you watch the news you will realize the end time signs are all around us…

Good and evil are very real in this world and unwittingly you are already carrying the mark of the beast without knowing it.  Bar coding is the beginning of this and already roll out of marking you on your wrist with all your information that can be scanned is planned. Bible prophecy news tries to warn good people of these end times signs, but they are ignored. Antichrist predictions are inaccurate because already he walks among us.

End Time Signs

Beware the Anti Christ is Manipulating Everyone.

The majority of people will only ever go to a church for a wedding or a funeral yet they will cry out for God when they need help in times of injury, stress and even excitement. Show me a movie that does not contain the words “Oh My God” for example.

End Time Signs Chaos

End Times Signs Began With The Obama Presidency!

Some say that Obama was the Antichrist, considering he made no secret of the abolishment of Christianity teaching in schools. Learning these values was always important for our children. Current governments all over the world are already corrupt and crime is unchecked with Rape Murder, theft pornography, child abuse and family murders on the rise. These are all written as end time prophecies. Revelations and Nostradamus warn us of these end times signs but we are choosing to ignore them.

The scary facts of end times signs and the Antichrist are all in front of you but evil has conveniently closed your eyes to it.   Many read information that is so shocking and scary that this information dismissed as the ramblings of a religious nut. Prepare to survive…

The consequences of being unprepared for end times could be dire! Ignore the warning of the coming of the Antichrist at your peril, or take steps to do something about carrying the mark of the beast before it is too late. Watch this video and invest in these guides which help us spread the message

The world is on a path of War, Evil and Self Destruction.

As mentioned above, violent murder, aggravated assault robbery, family abuse, the easy access to pornography and the blatant disregard for basic human rights gives you an idea of the frightening end times we live in. What is desperately horrifying is the fact that the worship of Satan and evil the Antichrist is becoming widespread right up to top echelons in governments.

The further lobbying to abolish religious instruction in other countries following the lead of the U.S is on the increase. This is why the question was on many Christian’s lips asking whether Obama was the Antichrist, and now with Donald Trump at the helm who can predict what is coming?


Removing Christian values of goodness, love, sharing and basic life commandments is important in educating our children from understanding the basic rights and wrongs. The result is clearly indicated where in further catastrophes, where young children have violently taken the lives of others in a school. Violence, drug abuse and sexual promiscuity are already a growing and very scary phenomenon all over the globe, all indicating end time signs!

There are darker reasons indicating end time signs for the United States a super power which few people are aware is hovering on the brink of financial, economical collapse. Don’t be fooled of what you see in the news which is blatant propaganda. The recent win by Donald Trump as the new US president  shows that major upheavals and war is coming…

World recessions, high crime with many wealthy drug lords above the law, corruption in police and law enforcement and  manipulation of the masses makes the Antichrist delighted. Why are we so quick to ignore revelations and end time signs without making survival plans? Have we been brainwashed by the media. YES!

Was  Obama the Antichrist are questions asked, because of strange decisions, some that seem senseless, being the way governments are managing this powerful world nation.  Is it odd that one of his very first policies was to stop religious teaching in schools? Why?

Help us spread the word and you can do so if you….


The Mark Of The beast is clearly written in all the good books.

All the religious bibles revelations mention end times signs like the marks of the beast; though will depict what it really is in different ways.

Your freedom is being eroded from beneath your feet. Slowly you are being pushed into a corner where you have no choice but to do as you are told or else??  The frightening end will mean all eternity in gnashing of teeth for you and your family.

There is no answer for your ignorance so doing everything possible to learn what you can about end time signs, and how to prepare yourself and your family is vital while you are of sound mind.

There is no greater truth than the saying ‘forewarned is forearmed’. In the United States the first steps have already been taken towards the spiral down into being a doomed country that will wonder where it all went wrong, and why it happened so fast. Learn about the Frightening Truth will before it is too late…


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