Hurricane Emergency Preparedness: Before…During …and Aftermath!

Hurricane Aftermath

Hurricane Emergency Preparedness…

Hurricane Emergency Preparedness

Plans for: How to Survive Hurricanes Before, During and After!

You have been watching the news and warnings of a hurricane are prevalent which gives you ample time in most cases to make hurricane emergency preparedness plans. Let us investigate some of the things that need to be done to keep you and your family safe and to protect your property if possible.

Those that live in coastal areas will be the hardest hit, because most hurricanes blow in from over the sea and at sea level winds are extremely severe and devastating. If you are a survival prepper then you will not worry because you have survival plan to meet and survive any disasters.

Perhaps this is the first time you are going to be on your own and must make hurricane emergency preparedness plans and if so here are some preparation suggestions to help you survive before during and after the hurricane…

Bug Out bag Hurricane Kits

Before the Hurricane Strikes.

Your home need to be shored up by boarding up the windows with strong boards and securing the roof as best as you can. Tie down all loose equipment ornaments and garden accessories around your property because high winds can make these become deadly projectiles.

Depending on the strength of the coming hurricane evacuation may be necessary which means you should have survival gear and supplies ready to pack into your vehicle. In addition plan your evacuation routes and have a map and contact numbers for family and friends, and the disaster relief agencies packed with your survival gear.

Fires Starter survival gear

Make arrangements for hurricane emergency preparedness to take care of your pets giving someone in the family responsibility to make certain they will be safe. If you have a cellar or survival bunker make sure there are adequate supplies and drinking water stored in case it is necessary to retreat to this safe area if you are not planning to evacuate.*Make sure that your survival bunker or cellar is clear of flooding dangers or falling debris otherwise you could be trapped after a hurricane,.

Hurricanes Survival gear

Sometimes making the decision to evacuate is tough when you do not want to leave your property and you believe you have made every [possible hurricane emergency preparedness plans to remain at home.

Guidance for Evacuation Decisions

The authorities will recommend evacuation depending on the force and strengtr5h of the coming hurricane and people that live on the coast, near rivers and waterways will need to evacuate to survive. If you live in mobile homes, or flimsy structures evacuation is not negotiable.

It is wise to evacuate to higher ground and if possible leave well in time to a safe place perhaps with friends or family where you can stay for the duration of the hurricane. Don’t leave evacuation to the last minute because roads and evacuation routes can become jammed with people fleeing to safety.

Survival Disaster supplies

Hurricane emergency preparedness supplies should include drinkable bottled water, medical kits, personal papers and cash, solar or battery powered flashlights, a small radio to listen to media warnings, your cellular phones, and basic survival gear kits in bug out bags for each member of the family.

When the Hurricane Hits

If you are at home during a hurricane stay away from windows, glass doors and furniture that could topple down onto you causing injuries. Stay in a safe area at the lowest level under sturdy furniture. Hurricanes have quite moments called the ‘Eye of The Storm’ so don’t rush out thinking the hurricane is passed until you are certain beyond all doubt it has blown out

What happens After the Hurricane?

Many services will be compromised after a hurricane and emergency services can take quite some time to reach everyone. gas and water supplies could be disrupted for sometime so you will need survive on your hurricane emergency preparedness supplies for as long as possible.

Survival Blanket

Use your radio to listen to updates in the media of what is happening while disaster management teams rescue people and animals and clear affected transportation and communication services.

If you have remained at home assess the damage from the hurricane and work carefully to clear debris and investigate the integrity of structures and damage of your property.



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