Heed These Important Flood Survival Tips

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Flood Survival Tips You Should Know!

Flood Survival


Water Water Everywhere: Apply These Flood Survival Safety Guidelines.

Adverse weather patterns are on the increase and one of the most prevalent disasters is floods in many countries sometimes with devastating damage and loss of life. Torrential heavy downpours of rain cause flash floods, burst river banks overflowing dams and huge chaos on the roads.

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These flood survival tips will help you survive the worst conditions when hurricanes, cyclones, flash floods, and unexpected heavy rains happen in your regions. Often heavy rains can continue for days and even weeks as has happened in the past and few people have any emergency preparedness plan for when this happens.

Note: Important Flood Survival Tips

It is important that teachers at schools, parents, care givers, elderly care institutions staff, and guardians ensure the safety of children and the elderly during these torrential downpours and storms. If floods are eminent then warnings will be issued which should be heeded immediately and then plans made for safe evacuation without panic.

Children that walk to school must be given instructions to ensure that they avoid crossing flooded roads, bridges or puddles that seem shallow but are in reality deep. It is equally important to stay away from river banks because flash floods happen fast and people can be swept away in an instant without any prior warning.

Communities must be warned with flood survival tips as well not to attempt crossing flooded roads, and to avoid driving over low lying bridges and rivers bank roads. Never underestimate the power, or the speed of moving water, this especially in the case of flooded rivers, and water flowing down steep roads and embankments.

It is even more important in flood survival tips to be vigilant and extra cautious at night when it’s harder to recognize flood dangers, or avoid fast flowing water currents.

While walking outdoors at night if there is no alternative, then rather avoid crossing rivers and swollen streams where the water is above your ankles because at any minute stronger currents could come down and sweep you off your feet…

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Flood Survival Tips

More General Flood Survival Tips.

Authorities will issue flood warnings when storms are gathering so listen to the radio and media so that you can make necessary arrangements and also warn children. Remember that as little as six inches of fast-moving flood waves on any surface can be powerful enough to knock a person off their feet, and a depth of 2 feet of fast flowing water is enough to float a car.

Do not attempt to walk, try and swim or even drive through fast-moving flood water because this can be a mistake that can cost you your life. Stop, and seek alternative routes if you see fast moving water in front of you, looking for higher ground where it is safe.

Listen carefully to the special flood warnings and flood survival tips that are broadcast on radio and/or television. If your home is at risk and close to dams, or rivers it is wiser to abandon your home immediately. You should have a flood survival evacuation in plan in these instances where you live close to large bodies of water.

While driving, never drive into water covering the road and do not underestimate the depth of large bodies of water anywhere you drive.  You would not know how deep they are or if the road has been completely washed away.

While driving on flooded roads when there is no alternative and the vehicle stalls, rather leave it immediately and seek higher ground because vehicles can be replaced and lives cannot!

Remember these important flood survival tips and in the cases where other people are displaced, do your best to assist where possible without endangering your safety or that of others.

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