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Welcome: You have made a wise choice to plan for survival and everything you need to build a super survival kit can be found on this website.

Grab these amazing tools in survival gear and kits while stocks last. Only pay shipping costs. These compact tools and accessories are vital parts of your survival kit, versatile and indispensable. It is wise ordering two or more of these items because having survival kits at alternative locations is the sensible choice.

Live Fire Gear - FireCord

Where there is additional survival guides available invest in them as well and when you have them print or laminate them to add to your survival kits to refer to later. Once you have your survival kit and guides then you can will peace of mind that you are prepared to survive any major catastrophe life throws at you…

Best Survival Gear
Survival Fires Starter Bracelet
(Pay Shipping Cost Only) Survival Fire Starter: Neat Ferro rod and striker tucked neatly into the bracelet. Ferro rod strikes at over 3,000 degrees hot!
Survival Pack Kits
Best Survival Gear Tools
(Pay Shipping Cost Only) for this invaluable little gadget that fits in your wallet and serves 11 cool functions Survival business card!
Best Survival Guides and Survival Tools
Best Tactical Survival Light
(Pay Shipping Cost Only) for this superb survival light designed With CREE super bright with the aircraft class aluminum body fully waterproof!
Survival Supplies Online
Emergency Evacuation vehicle Tool
(Pay Shipping Cost Only) The Evac Vehicle Escape Tool is 3-inches in length and 0.6 ounces in weight great for your keychain, or glove box.
Survival Gear
Emergency preparedness Kits
Best Survival Matches Emergency Gear
(Pay Shipping Cost Only) for these Everstryke Survival Matches. Each survival match, capable of 15,000 strikes!
Survival Kits and Survival tools
Best Survival tools
(Pay Shipping Cost Only) for this effective survival, simple, tiny tool, includes sharp blade and all the basic tools for survival.
Survival Gear Online
Order Survival Supplies Online
Stock up on the Basic medical emergency supplies and survival gear, emergency foods and everything you need online here!
Emergency preparedness Survival Kits
Digital hacking Survival guide to prevent Cyber-crime in your life
Cyber crime and Identity theft is on the rise. Learn how to prevent hacking and use of your personal information with these guides.
Survival gear
Survival Tools for Cyber-crime
Best training for reading maps and stars for directional matching Survival
Family survival skills training from expert rangers and survivalists that will save your life in all situations!
Emergency Foof Survival Gear
Best Survival water purification straw free shipping
This state of the art survival water straw filters water effectively from any source. Vital survival tool!
Survival Supplies and Gear
Best Survival tools and Emergency Food
(Pay Shipping Cost Only) for this Compact Credit Card sized survival tool that will start a fire in 60 seconds flat!
Survival Bug Out Kits
Emergency survival kit bundle, meals,survival supplies list guides
(Pay only shipping) for this amazing survival kit with 15 Must Have Items for your survival gear While stocks last!
Survival Supplies Online
Survival equipment for Emergency Preparedness
Global Food & water crisis guide Bug in survival information to prepare for Survival
A world food & water crisis is looming. Learn how to Bug In Indefinitely and be prepared to survive the worst!
Long term Storage Survival Foods
Best Survival equipment, survival superfoods to stock up on, and best survival bag
Know what foods are vital to stock up to weather any food crisis. This guide shows you how to survive any food shortages!
Survival Kits and Gear
Order this compact top rated survival kit FREE. Only pay to ship for this necessary survival gear that is state of the art!
Family Survival Planning
family Survival Plans
Learn how to plan for your family’s survival with evacuation plans and survival kits vital for any disaster survival!