Flood Disaster Preparedness Tips…

Floods Survival

Flood Disaster Preparedness Plans.

Floods Disasters Preparedness

Flood disaster preparedness is just like any emergency preparedness plans where you need to have your survival gear and evacuation plans mapped out for you and your family when disaster strikes. With natural disaster and adverse weather conditions on the increase it’s not a matter of if but when you will be affected by a major disaster.

Floods kill by drowning and fast flowing debris hundreds of people every year and these numbers are increasing with the severity of floods becoming more prominent as global warming increases. Flood disaster preparedness must include evacuation plans because fast flowing and rising water during torrential rains destroys everything in its path.

Floods Disaster preparedness Survival Kits

A proper bug out bag disaster survival gear should be ready to grab and go and better still if each member of the family has one. The most important items in your survival kit must be bottled water, emergency food rations and medical supplies. Water although in abundance is not safe to drink during floods as it is contaminated by all manners of debris and chemicals. Don’t wait for floods to occur if you are in a high risk area but rather make flood disaster preparedness high priority while you are able.

Bug Out bag Flood Survival Kits

The Dangers of Flash Flood Disasters…

Flash floods are the most dangerous and unpredictable types of floods destroying property and killing people and animals as water sweeps away everything in its path unchecked. Although the authorities can often issue flood warnings in time to evacuate flash floods can happen at any time when huge c volumes of water have collected at a point and break free of dams, river banks, or collected at higher points and make their way downwards to lower areas.

Floods Evacuation Plans

Many countries that have never had floods and other natural disasters are now experiencing them at dest5ructive levels, so survival plans should be a consideration for every individual and family.

Media Flood Warnings & Evacuations.

Authorities will often be able to warn people in lower areas when flooding becomes imminent and evacuation plans should be heeded, if you have flood disaster preparedness survival gear then you will be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice which can save your lives.

Floods Survival how to bug in forever

If heavy torrential unrelenting rains are sweeping your area or country then stay tuned to the media and be vigilant to heed warnings that are broadcast for evacuation. Beware of possible flash flooding and if you feel you need to leave for your own safety then do so rather than wait for the inevitable.

Your survival bug out bags should include the basic items as mentioned above as well as copies of your personal documents, some cash or valuables if you prefer and means of communication, and a radio to listen to the media broadcasts.

For flood disaster preparedness someone in the family must be given responsibility for pets and animals and if they are in enclosures the humane option will be to free them to prevent drowning.

Floods Survival Tips

During Flood Warnings Evacuation.

When evacuating flood prone areas steer clear of drainage ditches, canyons, low-lying roads and drainage canals. These are all at danger of flash flooding and even if the rains are far away this could still happen when you least expect it to.

If you ample time to remove furniture and belongings safely then you can do so. For double and triple story buildings essentials and other valuables can be moved to the higher floors before evacuations. When you leave make certain all electrical appliances have been unplugged and the electrical switchboard is off. The same applies for gas mains and water valves.

Flood Disasters Preparedness foods

If waters have already started rising then take care where you step while evacuating and use a stick to probe the area in front of you to make sure there are no deep spots. Stay away from flowing water as much as possible and never try and drive through moving flood waters for dangers of being swept away.

Make certain everyone in the family is aware of your flood disaster emergency preparedness plans and also have a mutual meeting point somewhere at higher ground if you are not together at the time of the flood emergency evacuations.


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