EMP Survival Protocol: Plans you SHOULD Have in Place!

EMP Survival plans

MP Survival: What You Need to Know!

Emp Survival

EMP Survival Protocol Update!

Watching the new we can see that we are facing the most dangerous times we’ve ever faced as a nation. When we were in the Cold War, we at least had enemies who was as afraid of being destroyed as we were. Now? Well, I’m not so sure. Now we have Iran and North Korea throwing their dangerous missiles and tech around and if you are wise you will plan EMP survival while additionally having a complete survival kit handy for you and your family, otherwise what are you going to do when the power goes out?

All the signs show that there are many countries and terrorist organizations who are scheming to launch a devastating attack against 1st world nations  with a terrifying technology and you know that North Korea are ramping up missile tests…why? They could literally win the war with one shot, leaving our country on its knees.

emp survival protocol

Well, it certainly looks like they can with their arsenal of missiles. They’ve been ramping up their missile tests, and even got the liberals ready. The fact of the matter is, they don’t even have to literally hit the US, UK or other powerful nations, they can just launch a high-altitude EMP attack (which is easier), and wreak havoc throughout the country. It can happen when you least expect it but if you had a emp survival plan in place you will know what needs to be done…

Wired Magazine said there’s a 12% chance and emp attack will happen sooner than later and definitely it’ll happen by 2020. And they said that in 2012, meaning the odds are much higher right now and with North Korea ignoring sanctions and the UN expect a hidden agenda.

Dan Sullivan, a top prepping guru made an eye-opening video where he talks about EMPs and why we need to prep for them now more than ever. Hint: it’s not just N. Korea that can cause one, a solar megastorm can also cause an EMP. Watch the video below:

emp Survival protocol

Are our power grids ageing? Definitely.

Here’s a few good reasons you should plan EMP survival…

1, Our power grids are s under cyber attack almost constantly something you probably are not even aware of….. Every 4 days it is attacked to be precise.

2, North Korea can launch an EMP attack via a satellite or a missile to fry all opur electrics and this can be….. For good.

3, What about a natural emp like a solar superstorm can send a silent death wave that will not only damage Earth’s geomagnetic field, but fry the US power grid as well as those of other nations.

(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

And when the power grids are down then, it’s down for good. They can takes years to repair, during which trucks will stop delivering food, water and medicine. Your emp survival plan will save your life when this happens…not if!

Watch this eye-opening video on EMPs and prepare now:

emp survival protocol

If an EMP were to strike today, that means no more Internet, smartphones. computer managed vehicles, and no more video.

I higly recommend you watch all the way to the end so that you are shocked enough to plan emp survival and you will find everything you need after the videos. Learn how to make 2 types of Faraday cages you can make at home out of basic materials, and the complete action plant to get ready for EMPs. Click here now:


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