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Disease Pandemics & Bacterial Warfare

What About Pandemic Survival Plans? The Disease War….

Disease Pandemics & Bacterial Warfare

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Will you be able to survive a catastrophic disease outbreak? What about pandemic survival plans of emergency preparedness? You are probably wondering how to prepare for such a major disaster. Let’s get an idea on why a major pandemic could sweep the world.

New disease strains are developing everyday and the most dangerous ones are the antibiotic resistant strains, new animal influenza’s, and what about the secret scientific studies being done on bacterial weapons of warfare by all governments? More reasons you should have pandemic survival plans added to your survival arsenal and gear.

Then everyone knows about the tampering of DNA, development of GMO foods, and incorrect use of antibiotics that is making those same newer strains of diseases becoming commonplace.

Disease and Pandemic Survival Plans

Don’t forget the Cloning or animals and other living creatures being another practice that could cause major which could cause a major pandemic catastrophe.

What About Having Pandemic Survival Plans and Emergency Preparedness?

Consider having the foresight of making pandemic survival plans that will go as long way towards helping you survive what could become a major world catastrophe. There are already many television shows and movies which show you simulation of the disastrous effects of that new diseases strain do to the population, and a good example of one of these was called ‘Containment’.

In reality and with conspiracy theories facts are that diseases like Ebola, Avian flu, the Zika Virus, and resistant strains of TB have already caused deaths of thousands of people, and the death toll is increasing too. If you have made adequate pandemic survival plans, then you will know how to avoid contracting these major diseases, and have a plan in place that can ensure you and your family safety until the dangers are over.

What Happens During a Country or Even World Pandemic?

During pandemics in the past you will understand that overloaded medical services, disease control centers, and the authorities are unable to cope with the rapid developments of new cases, and these trained personnel even suffer the dangers of getting the diseases themselves.
The Zika Virus

As you have seen in many disasters films and television series, dangerous chaos and looting becomes the order of the day, with criminal elements further compromising the safety of law abiding citizens. Your pandemic survival plans should include emergency preparedness evacuation plans, that include a safe meeting place for everyone in the family and your gear must contain adequate medical supplies.

Pandemic survival plans must include having sufficient medical supplies at your evacuation points which could help treat family members that are ill or have become injured in the chaos.

Is it Possible that A Disease Pandemic is Imminent

 A little while ago a deadly disease known as Ebola broke out in regions of Africa and authorities toned down news of this pandemic for obvious reasons, these being to prevent widespread panic. This is also because they diseases centers are not equipped to stop the rampage of this deadly disease, and still today there is no effective cure for the new strains of Ebola.

Then in the news perhaps you may also have come across scant information about the H1N1 influenza strains, and news about the Zika Viruses. The reality is already here with possible catastrophic outbreaks possible that may kill thousands of people should they become infected.

What Pandemic Survival Plans do You Need?

Pandemic survival plans should be integrated into your basic disaster survival plans, and extra medical supplies and protection should be added in gear, because this can prevent getting infected by these diseases. Survival Gear like Breathing masks, sufficient medical treatment and medication, are the beginning front line in pandemic survival plans.
Bacterial Diseases survival

You could set up a family survival plan against a pandemic and explain what needs to be done to everyone in the family as soon as any warnings of outbreaks are broadcast.

Your pandemic survival plans against disease outbreaks or any serious biological threat depends on how well you are prepared, but even without the possibility of a pandemic basic survival plans are important for your survival, and your foresight will save your family.

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