Disaster Survival Equipment Will Save Your Life!

After a Disaster Planning

Everyone Should Have The Basics in Disaster Survival Equipment to Survive the Worst!

Floods Disaster Survival Gear

The UN and WMO state that natural disasters are on the increase and if you are smart you will have the basics of disaster survival equipment handy. Smart emergency preparedness means having disaster survival equipment accessible in your home and at an alternative strategically planned location.

All over the world extreme heat waves, deadly floods, hurricanes earthquakes and other extreme weather events are destroying large areas causing people to flee their homes and even be isolated from relief and rescue for extended periods of time.

Runaway wildfires can devastate large areas at a time destroying homes, decimating wildlife and livestock and level crops. If you live in an area with this danger then you should have an evacuation plan and disaster survival gear stored at an alternative location  where you can flee to safety.

Wildfires Disaster Survival equipment

The recent wave of deadly floods has claimed many lives and if you are caught in a vehicle being swept away then you should know what to do or end up drowning.  A handy tool in your disaster survival equipment that you can keep in your car that can save your life in this instance is the emergency vehicle escape tool the EVAC 3.

What to do When Caught in a Vehicle During Flooding.

Flash floods in China and Africa have caused havoc for commuters, and people unable to escape their vehicles have drowned.  If there are extreme downpours don’t wait to get caught by flash floods. Your car should have disaster survival equipment in the form of a basic medical kit, emergency lighting and tools to help you or others during extreme flooding when motorists are in trouble.

Flood Disaster Survival Equipment

  • Avoid all flooded areas and don’t be fooled by areas of water that look shallow enough to drive over.  Abandon your vehicle if it stalls and find higher ground as soon as possible.
  • Don’t drive in areas where there are dips in the road or bridges during flash floods even if they look safe at the time because that can change in an instant.
    If you see the water rising in your vehicle escape immediately and get to higher ground.
  • Make sure your car windows are open so that should your car be swept away you are able to escape as soon as your car becomes stationary.
    The Evac 3 vehicle escape tool  will help you cut your seat-belts instantly.

Car Emergency Evacuation Tools

The Basics of Disaster Survival Equipment.

The latest spate of climate induced extreme weather disasters have claimed almost half a million lives and the ones that suffer most are those that were unprepared.  Every home should have the minimum of disaster survival equipment accessible to everyone and smart emergency preparedness even means you will have more disaster survival equipment at alternative locations.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and hurricanes can displace people for extended periods so if you have a survival evacuation plan you and your family will know what to do. Many disaster relief agencies are ill prepared to help disaster victims when there are large scale disasters and could even be cut off from rescuing many when transportation is compromised.



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