Common Sense Tips for Surviving Crime

Some  Sensible Tips for Surviving Crime Home & Away.

Tips for Surviving Crime & Self Defense

Crime is on the increase worldwide and worst of all violent crime with it. We all need to be more vigilant than ever before in surviving crime, and even more so when we travel overseas or go on vacations. The most important things you need to protect are you and your family’s personal safety, your identification documents to prevent identity theft and your money.

Surviving Crime Identity Theft

Identity theft can cause untold misery in your life when people use your name to get lines of credit, do criminal acts and tarnish your name wherever they go. When you realize that you have lost or had your personal documents stolen no delay must be made in reporting this. Surviving crime means sticking to the basics the most important of all awareness. With more women than men becoming victims of violent crime consider learning how to defend yourself for surviving crime . Learn More

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Some Tips for Surviving Crime and Security

  1. Everyone’s home should have the basic in safety installed being quality locks and a safe where you can keep valuable paper and personal effects. Check the integrity of locks often and do not leave spare keys in easily accessible places.

2. When you are out and about make certain that wallets and personals are sturdy and not easily compromised by pickpockets. Men should keep wallets in tight jeans or pants with zipped pockets, while women should have shoulder bags with strong straps and kept tightly under their arms while walking.

3. When travelling overseas or on a vacation the security of your passports and travel documents is vital. Keep them in the hotel safe if possible rather than walk around d with them. It is useful to make copies of all your documents as well kept in an alternative place.

4.Surviving crime on vacation is more important than while at home because it is this time you are relaxed and less inclined to be vigilant. Never walk around with all your cash and valuables and keep your guard up against thieves.

5.If you are in a foreign country ask the hotel to make photocopies of all your documents including the air tickets insurance cards and other identification documents. While sightseeing keep some money in your shoes, and spilt it with your wife so you are not both robbed of all you have simultaneously.

6.Surviving crime with technology is also something many are very lax with and your Smartphone should only be accessed with a password. The same goes for tablets and laptops. Even though criminals are smart and can unblock them it takes time which could be enough for you to cancel the device and access altogether.

7.In foreign countries be suspicious of strangers approaching and beware that thieves often work in groups and can look very friendly and helpful. It is easy to get conned in a foreign country something that happens to thousands of tourists every day. If anything seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Surviving Crime Self Defense

Surviving crime means being sensible to avoid it by taking care of your security and that of your valuables at all times. In foreign countries another extremely important point is making certain your children are NEVER left unattended. In large crowds or busy sightseeing spots make sure everyone holds hands firmly, and small children must be taught to stay in one place if they get lost or to go to a prearranged meeting spot immediately if you are all separated.

Don’t accept help from any well meaning strangers in a foreign country or even at home because they could be planning to con you. Surviving crime does not mean you have to become completely paranoid about security but just fully aware that criminals are looking for easy targets and if you do not look like one they will seek another victim that looks like an easier mark. At Home Think About strategically placing items that can be used for self defense. learn more below about the latest flashlight self defense weapon…

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