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Things to Know: Emergency Evacuation Plans…

What are YOUR Emergency Evacuation Survival Plans?

Emergency Evacuation Plans

North Korea…Earthquakes Everywhere…Global Warming? WILL YOU SURVIVE?

The world is in upheaval and on a path to destruction and all you have to do to realize this is true is watch the news. Do you have emergency evacuation plans in place, have you got survival kits, do you know what you have to do when a disaster strikes to save your life and that of your family?

Some time or another a disaster will affect you no matter where you live, and if you have not put some basic emergency evacuation survival plans in place it can cost you your life. A few survival preparations will give you peace of mind and when not if disaster strikes you may be the family that survives and endures…

In many cases some types of disasters are predictable, and fortunately, in these cases, sufficient warnings are given by authorities to evacuate, while in other cases you will have no time to prepare at all.

Emergency evacuation survival plans should be a serious consideration for everyone, and just as organizations like schools workplaces and institutions have emergency drills in place, you should have the best possible survival plans for your family survival at home as well.

Emergency Evacuations Plans and Gear

Examples of common natural disasters that are more prevalent than ever before as global warming affects our planet are floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes, wildfire and oil fires, and adverse weather conditions.

Add to these man-made disasters now more common than ever like social unrest, aggression, terrorism, and political upheaval in the world, and you could say that the possibility of the 3rd world war is looming. Bacterial warfare and disease pandemics may break out due to the tampering with DNA, cloning and GMO foods, and antibiotic-resistant strains of TB and Avian Influenza are all very real dangers in our world.

You’re Survival Foresight Will Save Lives!

Surely now you realize that it’s not a conspiracy or doomsaying and that everyone should make proper emergency evacuation survival plans and formulate emergency preparedness survival gear and supplies.

What Happens after a Major Disaster Event?

After disasters common shortages or nonexistent services which affect the major populace are:

1) No electricity, gas or water supplies which could be for weeks in some instances. This is often after earthquakes or major flooding.

2) No access to food or food delivery because grocery stores have been destroyed, looted or burnt down. There may also be lack of deliveries to the food stores for them to keep supplies on the shelves.

3) Lack of law enforcement and authority infrastructures like garbage collections, sanitation, restricted access to medical facilities, and emergency services.

4) The prevalence of crime increase where refugees and criminal elements go on looting rampages desperate to find supplies. Raping killing and chaos are all caused by panic and starving people when society has broken down.

Social Unrest Chaos

Disasters Common in Your Area?

Your front line emergency evacuation survival plans should be suitable for the type of disasters that are common to your area. Do you live in an earthquake-prone zone, or near a volcano, or area where regular flooding occurs?

To make sensible survival plans, and emergency preparedness kits then know what disasters affect your area the most. Where it concerns survival kits and long-term storage emergency foods the basics are the same to survive any major disasters, but your survival depends on your foresight, and proper planning right now while you are able to.

Survival gear for emergency evacuation plans

Work out threat assessments for different types of disasters, and read up the survival guides which guide you on what survival plans must be put in place suitable for where you live.



Basic Disaster Survival Tips. ( By Errol Rudman)

Common Sense Basic Disaster Survival Tips.

Although these disaster survival tips are quite basic it is good to know and a great lesson to teach your kids so that they know the basics of what they should do in an emergency. Considering disasters strike without warning if everyone knows what the common sense disaster survival tips are it can save their lives.

A disaster is something no one wants to experience, but it can’t be helped that Mother Nature has its ways of throwing certain situations at you like floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and even a  tornado without warning. That is why if you want to survive these disasters then it would be best that you follow the disaster survival tips below because they can help you survive during floods, earthquakes and even tornados.

Hurricane Disaster Survival Gear

Floods Disaster Survival Tips
– When there is flooding that causes rising waters in your home then the most important thing you have to do is to make sure that you get to higher ground without delay because water levels can rise extremely quickly. This way you will not be in danger of drowning and if you are on the higher ground or on the roof of your home the helicopter rescue or emergency personnel would be able to find you immediately.

– Another thing you have to do is make sure that you are away from anything electric and if possible shut down the power before the water reaches it. Electricity with water will harm you or even kill you because water is a conductor for electricity to pass through and if you are wet you can be electrocuted.

– The next thing you do while waiting for rescue when you are thirsty is to boil water before you drink it so that there wouldn’t be any germs or bacteria that came from the flood. The boiling process can help in killing the germs and bacteria which will then be safe for you to drink. If you have prepared a survival kit with food and water you have been wise in making these emergency preparations, well done!

Hurricane Survival Preparedness

Earthquake Disaster Survival Tips
– When there is earthquake get to safety quickly and during the earthquake then you should drop down your knees so that the earthquake wouldn’t shake you and let you fall. This way as well you wouldn’t get dizzy from all the movement. You can take shelter under a solid object or in a doorway.

– Another thing you have to do during an earthquake when you are outdoors is to stay away from tall things, or objects that can fall down from the result of the shaking. So if you are in the park then stay far away from trees for example.

– The next thing to remember is to stay still during the earthquake if you know you are in a safe place. You just have to remain where you are until the shaking stops unless you are in danger of injuries. Also, remember earthquakes come with aftershocks so be aware of new smaller quakes. This way there will be fewer chances for you to get injured or in an accident.

World Disaster Survival

Tornado Disaster Survival Tips
– When there is a tornado coming towards your location or close to your home then the most important thing you have to do is stay away from windows and seek a place of safety preferably in the basement. The tornado can break your windows and cause flying glass that will result in serious injuries.

– Another thing you have to do during a tornado because in most cases there is sufficient warnings is to go underground. If you have a basement then much better because this way you would be safe from the power of the tornado since it can suck in anything it passes.

– The next thing you have to do is to make sure that you don’t move from your safety area until the tornado has completely passed. You have to wait until the tornado is moved away and to do that you have to listen if there isn’t any thundering sounds, high wind sound, or movements from within your house.

Survival Gear Emergency preparedness Floods

When you apply these simple disaster survival tips during a disaster then you will be safe from injury and even death from such a scenario.

Remember that if you do something reckless or unplanned during these disasters then it can be the end of you. That is why as much as possible you have to move fast, think fast and be smart enough to not do something that can put you and your family at risk.

The tips we mentioned above can even help you in those moments of catastrophe, so don’t forget about these and teach your children and family members too. This way you would be able to survive these disasters when they happen.


Floods Evacuation Plans

Survival Skills Training for Disaster Management You Can Learn!

Basic Survival Skills Training Vital For Everyone in Today’s Climate…

End Times Survival

Managing yourself, your family or a group of survivors together after a disaster or even during a disaster can be difficult because you wouldn’t know what to expect or when the disaster strikes in the country where you are a foreigner. That is why survival skills training is important so that you wouldn’t panic under the pressure during such times. Your survival skills training will allow you to know what to do in order to keep your family or survivors alive when it seems like the whole world is crashing down around your ears…

To help you learn survival skills training, there are many excellent survival guides online and you will find the latest offerings available on our website. read up the information you find within them and keep them waterproofed and packed away in your survival kit to refer too when the going gets rough and nasty.

Take Heed of these Tips for Survival skills Training:

Survival Skills Training

• When you are stuck in any disaster, or after one has destroyed everything around you, then the best thing for you to do is for you not to panic. Panicking wouldn’t solve anything, but rather add to your problems since you aren’t in your right sense of mind. Besides this panic can be contagious causing others around you to start panicking as well. That is why no matter what scenario you are in, you have to stay calm so that you would be able to think clearly of the right action from your survival skills training to apply to the  situation.

• Look for information from authorities and listen to media broadcasts which may have pertinent instructions suited to the disaster. Another thing for you to do is to check if there are any signs, or posters, or markers for direction that can guide you throughout the whole ordeal. In strange areas or in a foreign country you may be visiting at the time, you would know what to do, and you wouldn’t have to stress about language barriers since the posters and signs will be there to help you and guide you to a safer place.

• When you are in a disastrous situation then an important step in survival skills training is to ensure that your family and survivor group of people remain together, especially if visibility is poor, so that no one would get left behind with the whole situation. use a rope to keep everyone together to prevent being lost in heavy storms or smoke. If you are alone  then it would be best that you stay in one safe area until help  comes your way. If you always move around or if your group is always on the move it will be hard for help or authorities to know your location so make sure that you stay in one area.

Hurricane Survival Preparedness

• Remember your survival skills training or refer to survival guides after a disaster and start by evaluating your surroundings and investigating options of what needs to be done, from treating the wounded to seeking people or family members that have gone missing during the catastrophe,

• If you 100% sure that the disaster has passed then the best thing for you to do is for you to shout for help, whistle or make noises so that people close by would know your location, and that you are a survivor or have a survivor group with you. The thing about doing this though is for you to be sure that there are people looking for  survivors because if you do this without any rescue team you will just be wasting your energy.

Tsunami Emergency Preparedness

Survival skills training will teach you  how to manage yourself and your survivor group when a disaster has destroyed your area.  Remember that a disaster happens when you least expect it to so you should have a ready on hand survival kit and also survival skills training guides which will increase the odds of surviving.



Disaster Evacuation Procedures for Families.

Disaster Family Evacuation Procedures You Should Know!

family Evacuation Procedures

Image Source:

Family Evacuation Procedures Everyone Should Know…

Your family evacuation procedures plans should be taught to every member of the family so that in the event of major disasters they know exactly what needs to be done. The recent spate of massive hurricanes shows how important family evacuation procedures are for emergency preparedness, so if you do not already have a plan in place now is the time to formulate one.

Major disasters like catastrophic storms can occur without warning, same with earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and virus outbreaks. It often happens that family members are torn apart at the time, so everyone should know exactly where a central meeting point is at a safe zone of your choice, to be able to get back together.

If you have been following the news then you will realize that the world is facing major upheavals in politics like the North Korean crisis, Isis, and increasing incidences of terrorism. Today it should be a given that you have basic emergency preparedness evacuation procedures in place, with a proper survival kit  and gear, while everyone in the family must be aware what needs to be done in case of major disasters, or should war break out.

Not having any sort of evacuation procedures in place can mean your family is separated, and when thousands of people are scrambling to get away it could happen that you may be apart indefinitely.

Consider using the tools and guides on Survival Foresight to plan proper evacuation procedures, and build a smart survival kit. It is crucial planning emergency preparedness family evacuation procedures which the whole family is aware of, while equally sensible to have more than one option in safe locations in case the one of them is compromised. Also let everyone know where they can access survival gear and supplies after a large disaster event has occurred.

Family Evacuation Procedures

Image Source The Atlantic

Family Communications After a Disaster

Without any evacuation procedures in place family members could be separated and confused, so in foresight for planning survival, everyone even children must know where the meeting places will as soon as children are old enough to understand. Major disasters can cripple all communications so everyone should know where to meet without being told.

Emergency preparedness evacuations procedures can include at least three different family meeting places, and members must be told to sit tight there until you arrive. Choose areas that everyone knows about, or even drive out to the locations and show your family where to gather.

If possible at these locations survival gear and supplies can be stored, and you can even plan this at underground bunkers if you have them or in cellars, storage facilities, or where you deem are suitable locations..


Survival Trends Preppers

How to Survive Anything

How to Survive  Anything: A Comprehensive Survival Course!

Learn How to Survive Anything!

If you have been reading the news or watching it on television you will realize that the world is truly messed up right now. Wars and strife, natural disasters like earthquakes and huge storms, political problems, and even man’s inhumanity to man are all the order of the day and cannot be ignored. If you want to learn how to survive anything like terrorist attacks, tornadoes, floods and even war you should start getting prepared.

It all seems fantasy watching television series about pandemics, biological catastrophes, and even zombies and technology taking over.  Containment, Z-nation, and many others seem farfetched but scientists continue to tamper with DNA and cloning, so its anybody guess what could break loose and cause a disaster. With so many possibilities that could happen isn’t it a great idea to learn how to survive anything?

Smart foresight and survival planning can allow you and your family to overcome and be aware of how to survive anything, and in hindsight you will thank your lucky stars you made emergency preparedness plans.

These  guides to know how to survive anything are real-time observations compiled from countless people, involved in recent massive & destructive earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Their guidelines on survival will help others make proper emergency preparedness plans to survive.

Find further links within this website as well as in the pages links above to access offers of free survival gear, top rated detailed guides on how to survive disasters and useful information.

During the chaos, it often happens that people with the foresight that prepared for survival will be mobbed by others that did not.

It can happen that neighbors who had not prepared all come running to you after the disaster, wanting food, water and shelter from them. Sometimes this can turn ugly and threatening and assault can happen and acts of aggression that would not come from the same individuals during normal times.

This is when you may have to be firm and to use the self defense weapons to deter attacks. Strangers may descend on you demanding aggressively for you to hand over your survival gear, and until you reach your place of safety it is wise to plan watches during the night for your own protection. learn how to survive anything in this powerful Course: Click Here Now!



Free Survival Gadgets

When Flood Arrives – How Do You Stay Alive?

If you are living in a place where the flood is most likely occur it is best to prepare yourself when that happens. Knowing how to survive when there’s a flood coming your way is important. You cannot predict the weather and you are not sure how heavy the rain would be to the point that the flood will most likely occur so the only way to ensure your survival is to learn how to adapt and to thrive under these conditions. Here are some survival tips that will help you and your family survive under these harsh condition, even if this is the first time you’ve experienced this kind of livelihood.

These are the tips and ideas that will help you survive when there is flood.

  • Be prepared and always remain calm. It is best for you to always think ahead of time, especially when the area that you are living in is susceptible for a flood. Not to mention preparing yourself can actually help you survive a bit more to the next day. Another important thing besides preparing your survival against floods is to stay and remain calm when the flood occurs always remain calm and do not panic.
  • Always have an emergency kit. This is also another important detail that you should know. It is best to have first aid kit on your person for who knows if there are any injuries that need to be treated.
  • Watch out for the flash flood. When the flash flood occurs immediately find a place where there’s a higher ground for you. Finding a higher ground will give you a huge chance of surviving the waters.
  • Prepare for evacuation. When there’s a news, see here, that the flood is more than just a minor problem instead of a life threatening issue it is best to prepare the evacuation and find the perfect place for you to take shelter. Be sure that the place that you are looking for is high ground.
  • Prepare the essential. Besides the first aid kid, prepare yourself for food, water, clothes, cash, flashlight, radio, medication and important documents.
  • Do not forget to monitor your surroundings. Do not be lax always be on guard and watch for any signs that might become a huge problem for you and your family. Knowing that you are watching any changes to your surroundings will help you prevent any bad outcomes that might happen. So, don’t be careless.

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It is best to prepare for the worst and watch out for anything that causes disastrous harm upon your person and your home. You cannot fight against the natural cause of disaster but at least you know how to survive through it. Knowing that you are fully equipped and prepare against the flood then you will be alive to see the next day so long as you follow them through and wait it out till it’s over then worst possible outcome is now over and the next thing that you’re going to do is the after effects that the flood has left behind.