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Hurricane Disasters

The Benefits of Survival Emergency Blankets in Your Survival Kits!

Survival Emergency Blankets Can Save Your Life!

Emergency Blanket Tact Bivvy

Vital Survival Blankets for Your Survival Kits…

Now, everyone heard about the emergency blankets often called bivvies , and most people have an idea of what they are used for, but to those who aren’t informed lets investigate why this is such an important item ion your survival kits…

These emergency blankets are sometimes referred to as  first aid blankets, space blankets and thermal blankets, and are  used by emergency services when a person is suffering from a loss of body heat.

This valuable survival blanket is also called a thermal weather blanket, and as described it helps you keep your body warm and cozy in extremely cold conditions. It can also be used as a shelter against the elements, or a sleeping bag.  Keep emergency blankets in your vehicle because they are compact and useful when there are accidents, or breakdowns in very cold weather, and best of all emergency blankets are so affordable you can order a few of them in one go.

Emergency Blankets Sleeping bags

Emergency blankets are thus a multipurpose item, knowing that using this blanket is perfect for going outdoors in the woods, for survival kits, or handy emergency item ion vehicles and at home.

lets summarize some of the uses of emergency blankets and you can order them at special prices directly from Survival

1. Emergency blankets provide warmth. The obvious use for an emergency blanket is for warmth in extreme conditions. You can use them to wrap around yourself when laying down in your tent, fighting off the cold

2. You can use these  bivvies as a sleeping bag as shown above, or if you already have one, it can provide you an extra layer in your sleeping bag for additional warmth and thermal properties.

3.  Use emergency blankets for signalling emergency services like helicopters or planes when you are in distress. The reflectivity of emergency blankets is perfect and can be seen in low visibility conditions.

4.  When someone has been injured in a vehicle accident or is suffering from exposures emergency thermal blankets will quickly restore normal body temperatures and stabilize the patient.

5. Emergency blankets bivvies are durable and tough so can be used to carry someone or even survival  items you need to transport over a distance to get to safety.

Invest in this important item for survival kits because besides the basic uses outlined above they are versatile for many other uses and being so small and compact they can be stored in your vehicle glove box or pockets of your emergency survival kit rucksacks.

Survival Blankets

When you are out travelling,  camping, or hiking, this lightweight survival blanket will definitely come in handy. Survival foresight offers emergency blankets and other super accessories to hep you build the perfect survival kits for any disaster preparedness.    As emergency blankets go this is an item that is simple not negotiable and thus a must have considering iots vesatility


Benefits When Having A Fire Starter For Your Travels

Always Keep a Handy Fire Starter in Your Vehicle.

Some Handy Fire Starter Devices Every vehicle Should Have…

There are times when you could break down in the middle of nowhere while travelling or when you go out hiking or camping where you find yourself in need of a fire to keep the cold away but what happens when you realize that you left you’re lighter back at home, and what’s worse if it is raining outside when you break down, your matches are soaked by the rain. What can be done about that when you are cold wet or left in the dark?

Free Fire Starter Survival Matches

What are you going to do for light or in order to start a fire? Here are a few smart solutions for you to consider if you find that you exhaust all your options. There’s always a special fire starter that will help make the camping trip easier for you and we have provided some links to order yours online right here for the top two survival matches. You don’t need lighters or matches for these when there are other options for you to choose from when you need it.

Here are some of these fire starter tools that you can look for if you don’t have other options and perhaps you will find an effective one for you.

a) The classic: flint and steel. This is a classic use for a fire starter. This has been around for hundred years and it is still used to this day, however, it is difficult to have light a fire and you will have to go looking for the proper types of rocks, which is not easy if it is already dark…

b) Using a magnesium is a perfect fire starter. This is perfect fire starter tool, and you can find these online with some research but they may be expensive. You can use it even though it dropped and submerged underwater, you can still light a fire with it despite the fact that it is drenched. Magnesium is a popular fire starter tool for you to use but they must be used with care and only by an adult because they can cause nasty burns.

Free Survival gadgets Firestarter

c) There’s also the fire piston. This is a special but unique device that compresses the air in order to light a tinder but they are not always compact nor readily available.

d) The ferrocerium fire starters. This is a relatively  common fire starter tool. This has an another name which is called fire steel and they are available at hardware stores. People use this kind of tool whenever they go out on camping trips.

Having a fire starter in your vehicle that is safe is a great idea, to be prepared and ready will make the camping trip easier in case you forgot to bring a lighter or matches along.

You can do all sort of things with fire and for survival you must have a tool to light one, and as long as you know how to handle tools for lighting your fires carefully you can enjoy a perfectly good meal, light and warmth for the night. Here are some benefits of keeping a fire lighter in your vehicle.

1. The convenience. They are portable and they can be easily kept in your glove box or trunk, they don’t get damaged easily as well. So for convenience sake, you can always use them whenever you need them even in an emergency.
2. These survival fire lighters or fires starters  are sturdy and robust so whatever ordeal they have gone through, like getting soaked, banged around, or dropped from heights, they will still be as reliable as you want them to be.

3.They are affordable and you can order them conveniently online right here. You can find them on this website, in the marketplace such as the hardware stores and you can find a suitable convenient fire starter tool that is easily obtainable in your to suit your budget.

In short, these fire starters will surely help you in a breakdown emergency, or make the camping trip bearable when you have forgotten matches or lighters at home, and you can even keep them close to your barbeques. For vehicle emergencies you will, n o longer have to fear being left in the dark having to suffer getting cold and be shrouded in darkness, and of course if you have some, you can cook the food that you wanted to cook out in the open. You can always rely on your fire starter for it. Order these two top options online and as soon as they arrive pop them in your car glove box…

Here is another Handy Tool no vehicle should be without: Click Below

Survival tools



Disaster Survival Gear

Disaster Survival Gear for Hurricanes and Other Catastrophes.

Hurricane Disaster Survival Gear For Emergency Preparedness…

Floods Evacuation Plans

Do You Have Disaster Survival Gear Ready To Grab at a Moment’s Notice?

Unless you have got blinkers on, you will be aware of the increasing prevalence of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis on our planet, all due to the increasing global warming. It’s all over the news after all.. how towns, islands, and cities are being devastated by these storms and natural disasters… people being left destitute, homeless, and hungry!

Fortunately early warning systems governments and NASA have now allow people to evacuate well in time for hurricanes, tornadoes, and even tsunamis, but earthquakes mostly strike without any warning at all. When disasters like these happen, and you are lucky enough to hear and heed these warnings to get away in time; do you have a grab and go disaster survival gear stash, or emergency preparedness kit for you and your family ready?

Order Your Handy Disasters Survival Gear Backpack ; Click belowInvest in Durable Disaster Survival Gear Bug Out Bags

Not to be a doomsayer, but what about the looming man made disasters that are threatening the world, with all out possibilities of nuclear war, the likes that could start from North Korea, the increasing unrest, terrorist attacks in Europe and the immigrant crisis causing huge social unrest and increasing pressures on first world nations.

It’s certain these days that people no longer scoff and ridicule ‘survival preppers’ because it is these people that are able to survive almost any catastrophe the world will throw at them. It should now be a given that EVERY family has disaster survival gear basics stored in a safe place, or even at an alternative location, and it will certainly give you peace of mind having this survival gear too.

Survival Gear Freeze Dried Food.!

It doesn’t cost a fortune to have the basics in survival gear, sufficient freeze dried food for at least 5 days for your family, water stored, and some useful survival gadgets for emergency preparedness.  And…what about an evacuation plan that should be taught to everyone in the family, so that should you be apart when the disaster happens you will know where to meet up at a safe secure location.

Hurricane Disaster Survival Gear

If you browse this website, you will find everything you need in survival guides, disaster survival gear, and emergency preparedness kits you should put together. Our suppliers offer you access to freeze dried foods, free survival gadgets, and backpacks to keep everything compact, so that it is easy to grab and go at a moment’s notice.

3V disater survival gear pack

Well lets hope this article has given you some food for thought, and if it has shop around this website which has suppliers ready o ship you what you need in disaster survival gear and accessories and you only have to buy everything once and simply maintain its integrity with regular checks.

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Survival Water Straw

Survival Water Filters

FREE Survival Water Straw


Free Water Survival Guide

Survival Water: The Most Important Survival Need!

You don’t know what the contamination is going to be for water supplies after any type of disaster and worse if the disaster is man made or chemical related. Although a human being can survive without food for a while without water you are going to die within a matter of days. You need a few items in your survival gear and survival water filters are one of the most important.

I am pleased to introduce you to the survival water straw  which you can order for free and simply cover shipping costs which is no more than a few dollars. watch the video and see how effective this survival water straw is and complete the form to get one shipped to you to add in your survival kits.

You will also get the free guide about survival water as shown above so that you can learn what you need to know about contaminated water supplies.  Get what you need to survive by browsing the useful links to state of the art survival products and some accurate advice for surviving disasters.

The world is in upheaval with global warming, new volcanic activities, imminent war from certain nations and an increase in natural disasters. this is not just myths but a reality and watching the news is a wake up call. Today you can become prepared by keeping a fully stocked survival kit in your home or somewhere you will have easy access. Once you have this all it takes is regular checks occasionally to make sure everything is still secure and within the sell by date.

Most survival; gear items like the water survival straw will keep for many years so they are well worth having as part of your survival kits.


Order your FREE survival water straw today by clicking the banner below.

Free Survival Straw




20 Vital Survival Kit List Items for All Disasters Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Survival kit List…

Survival Kit List Items

Getting Your Survival Kit Together: Here is What You Need!

You know you need to stockpile survival supplies but it can be a daunting task getting everything you need to survive together and also compact enough survival gear and supplies to take up as little space as possible.

There are many survival kit list guides for what you need in for disaster emergency preparedness but here we are going to provide you with a detailed list as recommended by Red Cross Disaster agencies and emergency rescue management organizations

Naturally survival kit list items will be slightly different to survive different types of disasters but the basics for all of them remain the same in most cases. It is a great idea to invest in a few tactical bug out bags to start off with to keep your survival gear neatly stored and ready to grab and go. If you have a family with children consider making each member that are able bodied enough to carry one a bug out bag so that you can increase the amount of survival supplies you have.

The Basic Minimum Survival Kit list Items

As mentioned before every survival kit is unique and even so the minimum bug out bag for survival is something everyone should have to survive a disaster or catastrophe and the foresight you had in stockpiling one will save your life later and you will be glad you made emergency preparedness plans…

If you live in a country that is prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, major floods or tornadoes proper survival plans are the sensible way to go and these can be stored at home and an alternative location. Your survival kit list only has to be put together once and afterwards maintained for integrity with regular checks at set intervals.
Monthly Survival gear Offers

The survival kit list below is worked out per person so multiply certain items to meet the needs of your family where required. There are also useful links to the latest survival gear for your convenience so that you can order some latest survival accessories on the market online for your convenience.

In later articles we will add other survival kit list idea from expert preppers so that you can rest assured you have covered all bases 100%

Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit Items

Lastly before moving on to the survival kit list take note that being equipped with the best survival gear supplies will stand you in good stead when you need to evacuate so they will be a worthwhile investment although right now when everything is calm it may not seem like it.

Here is the basic minimum survival kit list:

  1. Bug Out tactical bags to store survival gear that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice and loaded into vehicles when emergency evacuation is broadcast.
  2. Bottled water and water purification tables or accessories worked out for at least a gallon per person per day.
  3. Long Term storage emergency food MREs or ration Packs and other easy to prepare powdered form meals. Investigate nutrition requirements suitable for you and your family members.
  4. One or two Solar Powered Flashlights or lanterns for emergency light for nights when power is out.
  5. Solar or batter powered radio that you can listen to emergency broadcasts and news on to stay updated.
  6. Basic medical kit for wound dressings and basic OTC pain medications including surgical gloves.
  7. Swiss army knife or multi survival tools that can be used for different applications.
  8. Basic sanitation items like toilet paper and other hygiene items.
  9. Cell phone with solar powered chargers now available for communication if cell towers have not been affected.
  10. Emergency space compact blankets enough for each family member.
  11. Evacuation map with a few alternative routes marked roads that you will take in case of evacuations and a reliable compass.
  12. Personal documents or copies of important personal documents if possible and some extra cash.
  13. Medical accessories like tweezers, scissors, syringes, hearing aid batteries, contact lenses and other chronic medication if required.
  14. Groundsheets or Bivvys for shelter in case you will be left out in the open after earthquakes or other major catastrophes.
  15. Mini gas or compact survival stoves with relevant fuel for cooking and boiling water.
  16. Sturdy long bladed knife which can double as a defense accessory if required.
  17. Survival matches or accessory for starting fires for cooking and warmth.
  18. Self defense weapon which can be a gun if you are trained to use it or a sturdy knife as indicated in point 16.
  19. Rope or paracord at least 10 meters long for tying up shelters or other alternative emergency uses.
  20. Guides for basic survival that should be printed and laminated that can be used for information on what to do to survive for the duration of the disaster.

The above is the very basic survival kit list that you can put together to survive most disasters for a minimum of a week or a little longer if you ration out the supplies.

Long term Storage Survival Foods!

For long term survival for major catastrophes see the article  on this website with a list of more detailed survival items that can be stored at strategic locations or in bunkers and survival preplanned locations.


After a Disaster Planning

Disaster Survival Equipment Will Save Your Life!

Everyone Should Have The Basics in Disaster Survival Equipment to Survive the Worst!

Floods Disaster Survival Gear

The UN and WMO state that natural disasters are on the increase and if you are smart you will have the basics of disaster survival equipment handy. Smart emergency preparedness means having disaster survival equipment accessible in your home and at an alternative strategically planned location.

All over the world extreme heat waves, deadly floods, hurricanes earthquakes and other extreme weather events are destroying large areas causing people to flee their homes and even be isolated from relief and rescue for extended periods of time.

Runaway wildfires can devastate large areas at a time destroying homes, decimating wildlife and livestock and level crops. If you live in an area with this danger then you should have an evacuation plan and disaster survival gear stored at an alternative location  where you can flee to safety.

Wildfires Disaster Survival equipment

The recent wave of deadly floods has claimed many lives and if you are caught in a vehicle being swept away then you should know what to do or end up drowning.  A handy tool in your disaster survival equipment that you can keep in your car that can save your life in this instance is the emergency vehicle escape tool the EVAC 3.

What to do When Caught in a Vehicle During Flooding.

Flash floods in China and Africa have caused havoc for commuters, and people unable to escape their vehicles have drowned.  If there are extreme downpours don’t wait to get caught by flash floods. Your car should have disaster survival equipment in the form of a basic medical kit, emergency lighting and tools to help you or others during extreme flooding when motorists are in trouble.

Flood Disaster Survival Equipment

  • Avoid all flooded areas and don’t be fooled by areas of water that look shallow enough to drive over.  Abandon your vehicle if it stalls and find higher ground as soon as possible.
  • Don’t drive in areas where there are dips in the road or bridges during flash floods even if they look safe at the time because that can change in an instant.
    If you see the water rising in your vehicle escape immediately and get to higher ground.
  • Make sure your car windows are open so that should your car be swept away you are able to escape as soon as your car becomes stationary.
    The Evac 3 vehicle escape tool  will help you cut your seat-belts instantly.

Car Emergency Evacuation Tools

The Basics of Disaster Survival Equipment.

The latest spate of climate induced extreme weather disasters have claimed almost half a million lives and the ones that suffer most are those that were unprepared.  Every home should have the minimum of disaster survival equipment accessible to everyone and smart emergency preparedness even means you will have more disaster survival equipment at alternative locations.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and hurricanes can displace people for extended periods so if you have a survival evacuation plan you and your family will know what to do. Many disaster relief agencies are ill prepared to help disaster victims when there are large scale disasters and could even be cut off from rescuing many when transportation is compromised.