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North Korea Missile Testing

North Korea Missile Testing: Could This Mean End Times?

North Korea Missile Testing Could Mean all Out Nuclear War…

North Korea nuclear war

North Korea Missile Testing: Should You Be Worried?

It’s like a game of poker between the Trump and Kim Jong-oen, with each waiting for the other to show their hands, while the world waits with bated breath to see how the result will unfold. The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-oen has continued with North Korea missile testing this year, with over a dozen tests performed so far, and has also threatened to let missiles rain down on the U.S military base in Guam.


Donald trump with his tactlessness could trigger a war with just with a wrongly worded tweet say the experts, and it’s no wonder that many believe an armageddon is on the horizon. Survival preppers are going all out to gather survival gear, and many have even invested in bomb shelters and bunkers, but with what is happening right now… no one is laughing at them.  Proper survival planning can save your life, and it does not take much to get the basics together.

Trump is not the sort of person that will stand down, and neither is Kim Jong-oen and although warnings have been sent to him by the UN to stop the North Korea missile testing, they have been ignored.  Even sanctions have not done much to prevent the building of new nuclear missiles and bombs by north Korea. These missile tests further damage the environment, and are considered a statement of war, and why are the mille tests being done anyway… is a question on many people’s lips. The growing number of nuclear weapons in the North Korean arsenal certainly is a cause for concern, and stockpiling continues.

Kim was livid with the yearly military exercises of South Korea and the U.S on the 21st August,  claiming it’s a plan to invade his country. This is one of the reasons he wants to target Guam which is approximately 3380 km south of his country. Trump has retaliated, mentioning that all hell will break loose if he does this.

Guam is the U.S air force base as well as one of the largest caches of ammunition in the world, with estimates of over 9 million weapons and ammunition items are stored. So what is going to be the outcome of north Korea missile testing , the threats, and what can you do about it?

North Korea Missile Testing

The answer is simple and that is make survival plans that give you peace of mind and you will find everything you need on this website. Survival plans not only will help save you and your family’s lives in the event of war,  but also survive major natural disasters the likes of the hurricane and storms in texas right now. The decision lays in your hands….


Family Bunker Plans

Family Survival 

EMP Survival


Emergency Supplies for End Times Survival

5 Crucial Survival Kit Basics for Disaster Survival Protection Plans!

Disaster Survival Protection Plans.

Disaster Survival Protection Plans

Real Life is Not a Movie!

While watching disaster films or television series you will maybe have had a few thoughts on what you would have done when it came to survival protection plans. You will often think to yourself that some decisions people have made in these disaster movies or TV series are completely stupid, with the obvious being overlooked sometimes, and you may not be far wrong on that!

It’s good to have these thoughts and ideas because they will help you with your own disaster survival protection plans, and your thorough emergency preparedness plans will certainly save your life. You cannot ignore the increasing incidences or earthquakes, Tsunamis and other major adverse weather patterns, and you cannot ignore the social unrest, major political changes and aggression and unrest between nations either

Do You Have Disaster Protection Plans in Place?

Just like mentioned, the recent spate of earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters should make everyone sit up and take note…. but people just get on with their lives thinking it will never happen to them. This survival Foresight website gives you a chance to make proper emergency preparedness survival plans, so consider getting peace of mind of at least having the basics in place…

What you need to do is formulate evacuation plans, build up survival kits and bug out bags and get as much information as possible from professionally written guides from the experts. You only have to this once and then you are prepared with disaster survival protection plans to survive any event.

What Disaster Survival protection Plans Should I Make?

It’s pointless just throwing any old supplies for a survival kit together, because survival gear and plans should be suitable to what sort of threats you face, and where you live you should be aware of what sort of disasters are more common than others…

A realistic threat assessment must be made for these disasters and once you know what they are then you can plan your survival gear and evacuation plans. Survival gear in most cases is compatible and suitable for all emergencies once you have the basics together.

1.Food Long term storage and MREs…

2.Light battery and Solar Powered….

3. Water & means of Purification….

4. Shelter Compact tents, groundsheets bivvys…

5. Medical kits wound dressing chronic medications..

Unfortunately as in most cases after a disaster has caused chaos and destruction many people rely on the government to come to their rescue, but as you have seen here as well, either there are lengthy delays or if the catastrophe was major this may never happen at, because even then the chain of authority may have broken up after the catastrophe.

Survival Guides for Outlasting and Disasters

For disaster survival protection plans don’t put off making emergency preparedness and evacuation plans for you and your family until tomorrow because then it is too late. No doubt you have arrived at our survival foresight website for this reason because you know that you need to formulate emergency preparedness plans starting right now! NOTE: Foresight….not Hindsight

The Basics of All Disaster Survival Protection Plans.

Whatever threat assessment you have now made for your country or location where you live, the basic survival gear is the same for any types of disasters both man made or natural as we have outlined above.

Your survival gear must additionally include stockpiles of long term storage foods, water and water purification means, the minimum basic medical supplies, and of course often overlooked basic self defense equipment.  These should be placed at more than one location so that you have a backup plan, and a great addition to any survival kit are guides which you have printed  or laminated to refer to for surviving the situation you are in..

Emergency Survival Blanket

The nest important gear to add to the list above is battery and solar powered light, fire making tools, groundsheets, compact tents or bivvy for shelter unless you have planned an underground bunker or fortified your cellar, and useful guides on how to survive in the wilderness if it should come to that. Teach your family and children what they must do in cases of emergency, and where to meet in the case of an evacuation emergency so that they all fully understand what must be followed.

Already it cannot be ignored that the world is in upheaval and social unrest, bad political decisions, and country relationships, and violent protests are all common in the news. Sometimes these violent protests are against common issues but blown way out of proportion perhaps because of underlying aggression bubbling under and just about to explode into revolutions or all out wars.

Emergency water Putrification

After a disaster you can imagine the adverse difference when people are starving and aimless in chaos, and disaster movies show the scary aftermaths where average people turn on each other when basic survival instinct takes over.

In the aftermath of a disaster you will always see that those ill prepared people are the ones that suffer the most, and violence escalates as the criminal element takes over in the form of killing, raping and looting. There is a lot that you can do to make sensible disaster protection survival plans with your family, rather than think everything is a conspiracy because the reality is staring you in the face.   This website gives you everything you need to do just that so why carry on ignoring the obvious?

Emergency Shelter


Surviving Earthquakes Disasters

5 Important Emergency Preparedness Tips!

5 Vital Tips for Emergency Preparedness You Should Know!

Emergency Preparedness Tips

Will YOU Survive the Worst?

If you like reading the news everyday then you will notice the increasing prevalence of natural disasters, terrorism, and new fast spreading disease epidemics, as well increasing problems with pollution and food supplies. Consider emergency preparedness survival planning to be prepared to survive any major disasters!

Most people do not have any form of emergency preparedness in place in case one of these disasters strike and then it may mean the cost of you and your family’s lives. After much research on the topic I have made my own emergency preparedness and have the basics stashed away which give me peace of mind just in case.

In this article I will provide you with some basic tips on emergency preparedness which you can implement and they don’t have to cost you a fortune either. Reading the headlines you will see there are many issues from immigrants, refugees, imminent world war threatening and  points to out to the break-out of a new world crisis and global warming threatening human life…
Survival Planning Emergency Preparedness

You may even see many movies of the world in chaos and perhaps believe it will never happen in reality. This survival foresight website offers you  some excellent information on emergency preparedness for all types of disasters, plus many resources that will help you with basic preparations.

Basic Tips for Emergency Preparedness.

Think of the basic human needs you should have in place for your family for survival in any disaster. These are food, water, light shelter, medical supplies and self defense. Be prepared by investing in these basics which are readily available and have years of shelf life.

Peace of Mind Emergency preparedness.

There are many people that are sensible in doing everything possible to be fully prepared against all crises. However many things are overlooked so it is wise doing proper research to make certain your survival preparations will endure the type of disasters.

Survival Guides for how to bug in forever

What do You REALLY Need for Emergency Preparedness

The very basic minimums mean having supplies of medicines, food, water or water purification systems, electricity or alternative means of producing it, fuel and for your protection weapons.

When society falls apart, as you may have seen during riots and looting in disasters, you may end up at the mercy of others that have gone off their heads in the mayhem.

Survival Strong Weatherproof Clothing & Blankets

Simple enough yes but few think about having a stash of emergency clothing in their prepped survival gear. Strong weather proof clothing, blankets for warmth, and accessories are vital when a disaster has swept everything else away.

  1. A safe Place to Stockpile your emergency Gear.…

It’s all great if you have a stockpile of everything you need for surviving a long-term disaster, but it is vital to have the items stashed where they will survive the disaster and this means proper planning. There are many survival guides that help with emergency preparedness which will give you sensible tips about where to stockpile your emergency gear.

  1. Survival Skills and Basic medical Training.

Your family should be taught the basic survival skills and medical training to help other family members and individuals during a disaster. Even basic training with weapons when children are old enough is sensible and everyone should be aware of the evacuation plans or a meet up spot in case you are separated at the time of the emergency!

Nuclear War Survival Emergency Preparedness

Become informed and read up on survival emergency preparedness to make certain you are doing everything right. Hoarding survival gear is not just what you need but a complete plan to know exactly how you will protect yourself and your family whatever disaster strikes.

Being prepared saves lives and the reality is that bad things are happening in the world today. Eventually when things come to a point and the pot boils over we could experience world war 3, a global warming catastrophe, a disease pandemic or revolution terrorism. Emergency preparedness is thus not a maybe it’s a must.