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Free Survival Gadgets To Add To Your Survival Kits.

Must Have Free Survival Gadgets…

Free Survival Gadgets

Order Useful Free Survival Gadgets for your Survival Kits…

Putting together a basic survival kit is a must for every homeowner and head of the family and with so many great free survival gadgets why not start there? With the escalating rate of new disasters happening today, you never know when a disaster could strike, and as you have seen from the last hurricanes, earthquakes and mudslides even access to the basic needs could be restricted.

You can make up a  family sized survival kit that could help you manage for at least 5 days containing water, freeze dried survival food and some useful tools. Have a look at these state of the art and free survival gadgets which are yours for just a few dollars postage. (Stocks are quite limited so be quick to order yours while they are still available.)

If you browse our website you will learn what the basic survival kit requirements are and find access to everything you need and once you have a full survival kit store it at a secure location. Once you have the basics it is simple to add what else you feel the need to and make sure that everyone knows where to access the resources in case of an emergency.

The Most Important Need Water!

The most important human need is always drinking water and you will find a smart new water filtration store and other accessories on the free survival gadgets page. Water to drink is the most vital followed with water to wash wounds with, water to cook, and lastly to clean. Your survival kit should contain at the very minimum approximately a gallon of water per person per day, and added to this you should have water purification tablets which are handy in case of floods where water is not an issue.

Free Survival gadgets

Make a list of  what your family would need in basic water requirements, and then make sure to add water filters, water purification tablets, and rationing to the storage of clean water in long life safe plastics containers recommended by the RED Cross and emergency preparedness supplies. You can show all members of the  family how to use the water purification and filtrations during practice drills.

Emergency Survival Freeze Dried Foods

Now that you can order free survival gadgets, know water requirements what about basic survival foods? Fortunately it is now easier than ever shopping for survival foods from many emergency preparedness  suppliers as you will find recommended on this website.

On the subject of  survival foods in your survival store also ensure that you have added a means of cooking which can be mini propane stoves, combustion pills, or barbecue stoves, and of course a can opener and sharp scissors. Even one of each will come in handy in your survival kit.

The types of survival foods that you can add to your survival store and kits range from long life canned foods, to freeze dried powdered foods, boxed vegetables, daily worked out ration packs and powdered fruit juices for just some examples.

Add some decent durable flash lights, chemical lights, flares, and lighters which you will find in the free survival gadgets section on this website because these are all basic requirements for any survival kits.  Check out these survival matches


Miscellaneous Survival Items to Take Note Of

When a disaster happens and it will at some point in your life, you would have the best possible options in a survival kit handy for you and your family, but what would also be a good idea is to know where to access your valuables, as well as some cash to have handy.

It is good to know the neighbours, because you may all come together to help each other in a disaster situation. You should think of also adding a self defense weapon of sorts to survival kits, but use your common sense regarding this point.When it concerns making up your family survival kits is better to be properly prepared than not at all. Get These Free survival Gadgets Here


is The Third World War Really Coming…Answers You Don’t Want to Know!

Is The Third World War REALLY Coming?

s The thrid World war really Coming?

The Major Crisis of a Third World War is Close on Three Different Fronts!

The Simple answer is YES! The third world war is really coming and not much can be done to stop it . If you follow the news then you will be acutely aware of acts of terrorism in all countries. Extremists activities, political fighting and unrest are causing a massive melting pot.

Many ask the question is the third world war really coming, and the biggest threat to triggering this and a nuclear holocaust is going to be North Korea.  Read this post if you have not already.

You may feel helpless watching the news stories unfold, and fear for what will happen to you and your family, children and loved ones. Of course measures can be put into place, but as human nature goes no one wants to make any survival plans perhaps for fear of being ridiculed or believing that nothing is going to happen because it’s just all conspiracies and doomsday prophets. ..or is it??

Natural Disasters The Planet at War with Itself.

Is the third world war really coming on a natural scale? YES! Mother Nature tries to correct the imbalances of the plant and there is much to be corrected right now.

She lashes out in frustration with earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other major catastrophes. Of course you may say that these have been around for centuries and that’s true but the prominence and frequency of these disasters is now more often than ever before.

Is The Third World war Really Coming on a Spiritual level? Yes!

World War 3

I don’t want to sound like a doomsday prophet, but how can you ignore the increase in devil worship, dabbling in the occult , and secret evil organizations I do not want to mention here, all orchestrating disastrous worldwide events. These same forces are at work accelerating the coming of World War 3 and the increase in natural disasters, ignoring global warming and other factors that are continuing to these..

What should you do?

There are certain measures you can put in place for your protection to survive major events, including a world war but that decision remains in your hands. These emergency preparations can minimize the impact on you and your family.

Use some of the resources on this website to get what you need and mostly educate yourself on what should be done when disaster strikes. (see the links at the footer of this post)

Unfortunately the answer to your question: Is The Third World War REALLY Coming? Is yes in all three counts so start making plans to survive….

World war 3


Survival Gear Items

Family Survival

Survival Education Guides

Buy Emergency Foods


Survival Matches

Fire and Light With Survival Matches

Ultimate Solution for Fire and Light for Survival Matches.

FREE Survival matches

FREE Survival Matches: Great for Multiple Uses!

This month, the top rated survival product offer goes to Everstryke matches. These incredible survival matches are great for camping trips, fishing, and if you have a cabin get away in the woods a must have in your equipment lockers.

If you are aware of what’s happening in the world today then you will have a readiness plan for survival of disasters. READ MORE HERE!

One of the basic needs after a disaster is light and cooking and for this you need to make fire. These Everstryke survival matches are the perfect solution for both needs.

Add Everstryke Survival Matches to Your Survival gear today.

This promotion comes as part of an ongoing drive to teach people emergency preparedness. With global warming and exploding populations, the increase in natural disasters is escalating. Survival matches are a must have and these will last forever plus you can get them for free and see other super survival offers too…

Survival planning is vital today..what with war and science tampering with genetics could mean worldwide famine, and yes even a zombie plague. Bird flu, ebola virus and resistance to antibiotic medicines are all a very real threat to humanity. How well are you prepared for a disaster of any sort?.

Share this post with your family and friends and by being properly prepared for any disaster you will be able to keep you and your family safe to live another day.


Family Survival

What is a Survival Prepper? Could be They Are The Sensible Ones…

What is a Survival Prepper? Think Before you Laugh at Them…

Survival Prepper: Emergency preparedness help...

Are you a Survival Prepper?

Many ask the question what is a survival prepper? You may know someone in the family or at work that is constantly scanning the news, watching for disaster reports, world events, and adverse weather patterns. They may often tell you that the world is in a mess and sooner or later a major catastrophe is going to strike causing major upheavals or even destruction of mankind.

A survival prepper is one that has made emergency preparations to survive any major catastrophe or disaster, and when the brown stuff does hit the fan they are apt to be the ones that come out smelling like roses. People like to ridicule survival preppers believing they are going over the top with their survival plans, but actually it does make sense to have some sort of emergency preparedness plan, especially when you see how disasters both natural and man-made are on the rise all over the world.

Survival Trends Preppers

Perhaps You Should Become a Survival Prepper?

Saving your life and your family if a major disaster struck would be the first actions taken and if you had made proper preparations then your odds would be far above average of survival. A survival prepper has a number of terms in their vocabulary to describe their plans and all the necessary gear to survive any major catastrophe. Let’s take am look at some of their terms:

-Survival preppers are people that have emergency preparedness plans to survive a catastrophic event.

Have Complete plans and gear for Surviving when the proverbial S#$t hits the fan

Have full bugging in plans which means staying at your location until it is safe enough to bug out

Have bugging out plans which mean moving to a safe location they have planned where storage of alternative survival gear may be accessible

– Have survival bug out bags which are portable survival gear kits needed to survive the chaos and destructive events.

Have defensive tactics planned for zombies which are the people that never made any emergency preparedness plans so will try and encroach on those that have.

Survival Preppers how to bug in forever

Survival preppers are becoming more prevalent in society and it is easy to understand why if you have been keeping your eye on world events where natural disasters, adverse weather patterns, and aggression are all escalating to become serious problems which could trigger catastrophes.

It is now simple to access survival gear and make emergency preparedness plans and the basics can be found at many survival prepper stores online

Being prepared is a survival preppers motto and they will make emergency plans that everyone in their family is aware of that can be put into action to survive whatever the world throws at them.

It is not just about surviving disasters either but prepping for any catastrophic event life throws at you like losing your job for example… would YOU have enough money if you were retrenched tomorrow?

Survival preppers


Common Sense Tips for Surviving Crime

Some  Sensible Tips for Surviving Crime Home & Away.

Tips for Surviving Crime & Self Defense

Crime is on the increase worldwide and worst of all violent crime with it. We all need to be more vigilant than ever before in surviving crime, and even more so when we travel overseas or go on vacations. The most important things you need to protect are you and your family’s personal safety, your identification documents to prevent identity theft and your money.

Surviving Crime Identity Theft

Identity theft can cause untold misery in your life when people use your name to get lines of credit, do criminal acts and tarnish your name wherever they go. When you realize that you have lost or had your personal documents stolen no delay must be made in reporting this. Surviving crime means sticking to the basics the most important of all awareness. With more women than men becoming victims of violent crime consider learning how to defend yourself for surviving crime . Learn More

Self Defense Pen

Some Tips for Surviving Crime and Security

  1. Everyone’s home should have the basic in safety installed being quality locks and a safe where you can keep valuable paper and personal effects. Check the integrity of locks often and do not leave spare keys in easily accessible places.

2. When you are out and about make certain that wallets and personals are sturdy and not easily compromised by pickpockets. Men should keep wallets in tight jeans or pants with zipped pockets, while women should have shoulder bags with strong straps and kept tightly under their arms while walking.

3. When travelling overseas or on a vacation the security of your passports and travel documents is vital. Keep them in the hotel safe if possible rather than walk around d with them. It is useful to make copies of all your documents as well kept in an alternative place.

4.Surviving crime on vacation is more important than while at home because it is this time you are relaxed and less inclined to be vigilant. Never walk around with all your cash and valuables and keep your guard up against thieves.

5.If you are in a foreign country ask the hotel to make photocopies of all your documents including the air tickets insurance cards and other identification documents. While sightseeing keep some money in your shoes, and spilt it with your wife so you are not both robbed of all you have simultaneously.

6.Surviving crime with technology is also something many are very lax with and your Smartphone should only be accessed with a password. The same goes for tablets and laptops. Even though criminals are smart and can unblock them it takes time which could be enough for you to cancel the device and access altogether.

7.In foreign countries be suspicious of strangers approaching and beware that thieves often work in groups and can look very friendly and helpful. It is easy to get conned in a foreign country something that happens to thousands of tourists every day. If anything seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Surviving Crime Self Defense

Surviving crime means being sensible to avoid it by taking care of your security and that of your valuables at all times. In foreign countries another extremely important point is making certain your children are NEVER left unattended. In large crowds or busy sightseeing spots make sure everyone holds hands firmly, and small children must be taught to stay in one place if they get lost or to go to a prearranged meeting spot immediately if you are all separated.

Don’t accept help from any well meaning strangers in a foreign country or even at home because they could be planning to con you. Surviving crime does not mean you have to become completely paranoid about security but just fully aware that criminals are looking for easy targets and if you do not look like one they will seek another victim that looks like an easier mark. At Home Think About strategically placing items that can be used for self defense. learn more below about the latest flashlight self defense weapon…

Self Defense Flashlight



Survival Trends

The Increase in Survival Trends in 2017

The Global Increases in Survival Trends in 2016-2017

The Cuase of Increase in Survival trends in 2016-2017

The Increasing Survival Trends in 2017…

Survival preppers are growing all over the world and it is easy to understand why this trend is increasing. Just watch the news and see how deadly earthquakes are devastating towns and cities, tornadoes, hurricanes and extreme adverse weather conditions are causing death and destruction and then there is human aggression and chaos on the increase. Survival trends are growing and you should take a moment to think about that a little.

Being fully prepared for a major disaster does not have to be complicated, and if you want to stay with survival trends in new gear and long term storage foods Survival Foresight is just one of the many thousands of websites offering the latest in emergency preparedness gear and supplies…

Most people over-complicate getting survival gear and supplies together, often going completely overboard and investing far too much money and time. To begin with a bug out bag for everyone in the family is a great foundation, but if you want to have complete peace of mind then go with the survival trends to make full preparations for the coming crises.

On the human race side of the coin it is not hard to see that collapse is imminent and the ingredients for World war 3 are all in the pot with political upheavals, violent protests, and increasing terrorism and aggression between countries.

Survival Trends 2016-2017

The cause of survival trends on the natural side is global warning causing increased unbalance in nature the result being extreme natural disasters even in countries where there never were any of these catastrophes.

Survival Trends Give Peace of Mind to Preppers.

An emergency preparedness plan and evacuation plans in place for you and your family certainly will give you some peace of mind, and all you need to do is prepare once and keep all your survival gear in good condition by doing regular checks.

The simple requirements in survival emergency preparedness are not hard to get together and neither do they have to be expensive. Your survival gear checklists needs to make certain you have medicine, food, water, a means of power for light and cooking and defense gear which I will leave to your imagination.

Staying with Survival Trends as a Prepper Mean You are Not at The Mercy of Others When Disaster Strikes.

Who are you going to rely on in the aftermath chaos, when everyone changes to become dog eat dog? Will you reply on the government or law and order organizations? The entire infrastructure changes after a disaster and sometimes you will need to survive on your own for days or even weeks until order is restored.

Join the survival trends so that you are one of the smart ones who really have the supplies and knowledge to be able to survive and thrive even in the worst of aftermath disaster situations.

Even if you stockpile everything in survival gear and supplies don’t stop there but go a step further to invest in survival guides that will give you the knowledge on the survival skills to you need for surviving a long-term disaster, you’re still going to need the survival skills that will keep you and your family when all hell breaks loose and there is chaos everywhere.

Survival Trends Preppers

Some Preppers make the mistake of just hoarding survival supplies but have no idea on survival skills and what will REALLY need to be done before, during or after a disaster.

Join the survival trends and make at least the basic emergency preparedness plans and a bug out bag or survival gear and supplies for each member of the family that are able to carry one. Never mind what others say it is your and your family’s lives that are at stake!