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The Importance In Having Water Purifiers When Surviving A Drought. (By Hamman)

Keeping a Stock Of Water Purifiers For your Safety…

water purifiers

Keep Water Purifiers Handy at Home

The heat is on and there’s so much heat that sometimes you can feel the thirst choking in your throat. In Cape Town South Africa there is a dire water crisis and soon the only water to drink may be impure. If you have water purifiers handy at home then this will not be a problem…

The drought can be an annoying but deadly thing to experience for this phenomenon dries up the water in dams and lakes, kill the plants and bring the unbearable heat that makes it too suffocating to go out and creates an ongoing thirst for precious water…

Water Purifiers

People experience this type of climate disaster in many countries and it often happens in different intervals and with global warming results in having an unpredictable weather patterns, so in order to counteract these events is to prepare yourself for your survival.

You can seriously die from heatstroke and thirst and water purifiers can save your life because any water can be made drinkable with these.

This is why you should prepare important items for your continuing survival when the situation like drought happens and that includes the importance of conserving water, more specifically preserving water purifiers.


Here are some important points that you should know when having the use of water purifiers prepared and ready.

a) You can purify any water sources  The drought will clearly dry up all the water and not to mention that there’s going to be a lot of people who are going to be mass buying the water leaving you too little for nothing. It is best to have your water prepared and ready at your own home.

b) You will remain healthy and hydrated. Having it all set up for you, you don’t have to worry about being dehydrated and having your health threatened due to lack of drinkable water supplies.

c)  You can use the purified water you have purified for cooking. If you think ahead of time you might even use the water for cooking your meals. At least you don’t have to take the long process for purifying the water from its contaminated state by boiling and using your cooking resources.

Water purifiers for droughts

d)  You can even wash your clothes with purified water. And also, you can even wash your clothes if you have your water tank full of water that you’ve managed to collect and gathered before the drought happened.

e) You can use the water for Hygiene. You can also use the water that you’ve collected and taken the time to purify it in order to shower for yourself and be clean constantly.

In the end, with this kind of preparation of having water purifiers on hand, that you have stored at home ahead of time, you can save yourself from the trouble and the struggles when having to face the drought. For sure, that this is what you should do when having to face this kind of disaster.

Remember, always think ahead of thing and planned out your survival for water is important when facing a drought.

You can even try to collect rainwater ahead of time as well before the drought strikes and buy lots of barrels to collect this water for further use because the drought will take longer to pass and it will take a lot more when the rain comes.

Water purifiers help clean out the deadly germs and diseases in the stored water you have wmaking it safe for you to drink them without having to fear for your life.


Disaster Survival Protection Plans

Be Prepared – Stock Emergency Food Today!

Stocking Long Term Survival Emergency Food.

Emergency Food for Disaster Preparedness..

Food is one of our basic needs and when disaster strikes or is looming people rush out to stock up often finding too late that supermarket shelves are already empty.  It is very important to have a supply stock of emergency food that has long term shelf life ready for you and your family especially when disaster and calamity strikes.

Natural disasters like flood, earthquake or hurricane often come with no warning. By having a stockpile of emergency food and water handy you can lessen the amount of stress and impact brought by these catastrophes. Food serves as fuel to our body, and during survival times you will need more of it to carry on through difficult situations and for you and your family to survive.

Most of the times you tend to think that this emergency food should just have to meet our basic needs, but if you plan it right you will be able to get the right food for this situation for your family to manage survival for a number of days.

With long term storage emergency food nutrients you will get from it will not be compromised. These emergency freeze dried foods are also protein-rich foods that give you the energy you will need in these stressful situations. Aside from this, there are also other factors to consider when it comes to emergency food.

You should keep emergency foods in your stockpiles separately according to their expiration dates and just replenish those once they pass their expiry dates. These that do not have extensive storage are usually your canned goods. From time to time you should check the expiration date of them for integrity.

It is also very important to bring a can opener since these foods will be useless if you cannot open them something most people forget to add to their survival kits….. Mental alertness and good physical condition during a disaster can be attained only if you are well-prepared. The emergency food you store, water supplies and medial items in your survival kits all plays a significant role in survival.

When you plan ahead you are able to select the right kind of emergency freeze dried foods to consume during these situations. You can include in your list items such as peanut butter because it is a good source of fats and proteins. Long term storage whole wheat crackers can also be used as a substitute for sandwiches. Trail mixes and nuts are also convenient foods to bring for snack purposes. Dried fruits like raisins and apricots are also advisable to bring because of the significant amount of potassium and calories you can get from it.

Survival Gear and Supplies Sold Out!

Don’t forget to store sufficient supplies of bottled water. The normal stock of water of water should be for at least three days. Aside from drinking purposes, you should also think that it will also be used for washing or cooking. When water is scarce you can drink sports drinks to also help rehydrate your body.

You can also bring supplies of  multi-vitamins so that your body will still get the nutrients from a normal diet. When one of the family members has regular medication it is very important that it is included in the stockpile of your survival kits.

Instances when a warning is given before the calamity like a typhoon, you can still go to the supermarket to buy foods but you should also consider dropping in the farmers market where the produce are fresher. This will add in the life span of you groceries like fruits and vegetables. Immediately visit stores when you receive a warning as people rush to stock up and you may be too late. While you can right now consider stockpiling long term freeze dried emergency foods just in case this happens

All of these tips and suggestions will surely help you carry on surviving during a disaster until help arrives. You should always remember that disaster can happen anytime, so be prepared and use common sense thinking in advance to become a  survivor and be there for your family in this dire time of need..


Best Survival Guide: Surviving after a disaster

The Best Survival Guide Online: (Video Review Included)

What is the Best Survival Guide Online Available?

The Best Survival Guide Online for Prepper: Emergency preparedness help...

The Best Survival Guide Online for Survival Preppers!

Many survival preppers ask the question what is the best survival guide online to invest in which can be kept safely with your survival gear. First of all survival preppers are those that have the common sense to make emergency preparedness plans for disasters, and they are often laughed at for being doomsday prophets.

Think about what has just happened with the major disaster that hit Texas, and what about the North Korea debacle? It is a wise decision making some sort of emergency preparation plan and even put together the basis of a survival kit that you can grab and go or as survivalists say bug out.

The best survival guide online that money can buy should be printed and even laminated and kept with your survival gear because it will be an invaluable tool to refer to. Watch the Best Survival Guide Online Review Video below and I am pretty sure you will not hesitate to grab it….


Surely you keep track of the news and if you do then you will see that survival plans are no longer something to laugh off. There are major news stories of accelerating incidences of  disaster,  a looming political catastrophe which could herald the coming of a third world war, and, and adverse weather patterns the result of global warming which are having devastating affects all over the world.

The best survival guide online available will show you how to use the environment for healing , for finding food, for lighting and warmth and lots more all possible without technology we rely on which will be gone in an instant with an EMP pulse.

Buy The Best Survival Guide Online

It is always easy to ridicule survival preppers and think they are going overboard with survival plans, but as mentioned it does make perfect sense to have some sort of emergency preparedness plan so that you and your family can survive.

Saving your life and your family if a major disaster or war happened would be the first actions taken by you and if you had made proper survival preparations then your odds would be far above average of survival.

Everyone is aware and talking about  the prevalence of natural disasters, abnormal weather patterns, and recently the spate of terrorist attacks and even avian flu and other viral outbreaks are all happening in the world today. Many people and families perish simply because they had no emergency preparedness plans in place. Only one out of ten people will have the foresight to invest in survival books and information that will help them put a disaster preparedness plan into place for their survival and that of their family. Today you have the chance to invest in the best survival guide online but will you ignore it?

Simply make a small effort to necessary emergency supplies and a small store of the best survival food. some survival guides either laminated or waterproofed and keep it all somewhere safe and accessible, and this will give you peace of mind when the unforeseen happens. Your survival depends on your planning ahead, and there are numerous survival guides and pdf books that give you guidance for what preparations to make, and what actions to implement in case of an emergency., or after one has happened

Invest in the basic survival gear you need and some long term storage survival food for emergency preparedness and teach your family what needs to be done in case of emergencies. Make certain that there are meeting points  after evacuation plans in case everyone is separated like during incidences of earthquakes and flash floods for example. Your survival food and emergency medical kits are absolute necessities which can save lives, and in the event of society breaking down self defense is also a consideration. get everything you need from visiting links on this website today!

Disaster preparedness is ignored by most because of the ignorant mindset that ‘It Will never happen to me’, and there is a catastrophe you will wish you had taken note and planned ahead. There are many television series and also movies, about major wars, nuclear Armageddons, viral diseases outbreaks, weather disasters and even zombie outbreaks, and although they are fantasy they are equally close to the truth of what could happen.

Invest in the Best Survival Guide Online money can buy and take advantage of all the special offers on this website to start building up a decent survival kit and supplies. Do it once and simply maintain what you have for complete peace of mind.

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EMP Survival plans

EMP Survival Protocol: Plans you SHOULD Have in Place!

MP Survival: What You Need to Know!

Emp Survival

EMP Survival Protocol Update!

Watching the new we can see that we are facing the most dangerous times we’ve ever faced as a nation. When we were in the Cold War, we at least had enemies who was as afraid of being destroyed as we were. Now? Well, I’m not so sure. Now we have Iran and North Korea throwing their dangerous missiles and tech around and if you are wise you will plan EMP survival while additionally having a complete survival kit handy for you and your family, otherwise what are you going to do when the power goes out?

All the signs show that there are many countries and terrorist organizations who are scheming to launch a devastating attack against 1st world nations  with a terrifying technology and you know that North Korea are ramping up missile tests…why? They could literally win the war with one shot, leaving our country on its knees.

emp survival protocol

Well, it certainly looks like they can with their arsenal of missiles. They’ve been ramping up their missile tests, and even got the liberals ready. The fact of the matter is, they don’t even have to literally hit the US, UK or other powerful nations, they can just launch a high-altitude EMP attack (which is easier), and wreak havoc throughout the country. It can happen when you least expect it but if you had a emp survival plan in place you will know what needs to be done…

Wired Magazine said there’s a 12% chance and emp attack will happen sooner than later and definitely it’ll happen by 2020. And they said that in 2012, meaning the odds are much higher right now and with North Korea ignoring sanctions and the UN expect a hidden agenda.

Dan Sullivan, a top prepping guru made an eye-opening video where he talks about EMPs and why we need to prep for them now more than ever. Hint: it’s not just N. Korea that can cause one, a solar megastorm can also cause an EMP. Watch the video below:

emp Survival protocol

Are our power grids ageing? Definitely.

Here’s a few good reasons you should plan EMP survival…

1, Our power grids are s under cyber attack almost constantly something you probably are not even aware of….. Every 4 days it is attacked to be precise.

2, North Korea can launch an EMP attack via a satellite or a missile to fry all opur electrics and this can be….. For good.

3, What about a natural emp like a solar superstorm can send a silent death wave that will not only damage Earth’s geomagnetic field, but fry the US power grid as well as those of other nations.

(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

And when the power grids are down then, it’s down for good. They can takes years to repair, during which trucks will stop delivering food, water and medicine. Your emp survival plan will save your life when this happens…not if!

Watch this eye-opening video on EMPs and prepare now:

emp survival protocol

If an EMP were to strike today, that means no more Internet, smartphones. computer managed vehicles, and no more video.

I higly recommend you watch all the way to the end so that you are shocked enough to plan emp survival and you will find everything you need after the videos. Learn how to make 2 types of Faraday cages you can make at home out of basic materials, and the complete action plant to get ready for EMPs. Click here now:


Tsunami Emergency preparedness

Your Tsunami Emergency Preparedness…

Tsunami Emergency Preparedness…

Tsunami Emergency Preparedness

Tsunamis are devastating and destructive just like earthquakes and Tsunami and like for any disaster, Tsunami emergency preparedness is vital for your survival.

These huge powerful waves that were called tidal waves in the past are caused by earthquakes out at sea or by landslides and coastal areas can be completely destroyed  when they come inland washing away everything in their path.

Today technology helps to give warnings of Tsunamis in most cases but sometimes they can still occur without any warnings but either way tsunami emergency preparedness can help you survive before or the aftermath of these devastating disasters.

When the authorities are aware of possible tsunamis then ample warnings are broadcast in the media telling people in the path of the tsunami to evacuate immediately.

If you have made proper Preparation to evacuate they you will have your survival bug out bag ready and survival gear and supplies because you never know how long you are going to have to survive on your own before rescue services are able to help. Your disaster supplies and survival gear should be ready to take at a moment’s notice when evacuation warnings are broadcast.

Freeze dried Survival Emergency Long term Storage Food!

Tsunami Emergency Preparedness Planning

You and your family need to know what the procedures are for evacuations and each member should be able to carry a bug out bag and, load the survival supplies into your vehicle. Someone should be given responsibility to take care of pets, the elderly and disabled members of the family to help evacuate

In case you and family members are separated at the time of the tsunami warnings and there is little time to get back together then everyone must be aware of the rendezvous point in the event of a tsunami. This must be as high ground and as distant as possible inland away from the coast where the most destruction will be experienced from a tsunami. As part of the tsunami emergency preparedness everyone must know the evacuation routes and also have some alternatives because main roads will more than likely become heavily congested.

Make sure your evacuation point is somewhere uphill and as far inland as possible, away from the coast where the tidal wave is said to strike. Your community might have predetermined evacuation routes. If so, know the routes and the alternatives in case the routes get congested with cars which often happens during the panic of evacuations.

Authorities recommend that 150  feet and higher  than that if possible above sea level is the best locations to survive a tsunami  but the further inland you can flee the better chances you are going to have to survive the wave of water.

Tsunamis in Coastal Areas

If you Are visiting the coast as tourist or seeing family and friends beware that your could be in a location that is prone to tsunamis but having mentioned that they can occur anywhere along coastal regions if seismic activity happens out at sea. If you are a tourist that cannot evacuate the area then find the highest floors in hotels or buildings to increase chances of survival. Radio and TV and mobile media will broadcast early warnings if possible so heed these and make haste to get to safety.

Disaster Survival Kits

Tsunami emergency preparedness means listening to all warnings and orders issued by disaster organizations and authorities without hesitation and when you aware aware help others by spreading these messages. If there is little time to evacuate then grab your survival gear and leave immediately.

Do not try and gather personal belongings that could delay you because this could put you at risk. Sometimes you can see the water receding abnormally warning you of an imminent tsunami and if you have then you have little time to evacuate, so use the time that you do have to save your life by seeking higher ground without delay.

Tsunami emergency preparedness means planning ahead to have disaster survival kits which can be purchased from many organizations and survival gear which you will find on this website. Have peace of mind that you have made sensible preparations to survive any disaster by having the foresight to start building your survival kits today!




Emergency Evacuation Plans

Do You Have Emergency Supplies Ready?

Planning Emergency Supplies for Disaster Survival.

Emergency Supplies

Ignore people that claim you are paranoid because you are planning emergency supplies and a place of safety to survive a disaster, because in reality, current world events like natural and man made disasters are on the increase.

It is wise to prepare for home evacuation which could be forced on you to survive disastrous hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes or even terrorist acts. Arranging emergency supplies in alternative locations can ensure the survival of you and your family, and now is the time to have the foresight to prepare because during the chaos of disaster then it will seem as if the whole world around you is falling apart.

You Could be Stuck in a Dangerous Survival Situation.

When people are fleeing a disaster area then chaos is the norm with desperate people becoming aggressive, criminal elements on the rampage looting and even killing, and refugees causing congestion and destruction. It is wise to practice evacuation drills with your family and show them where your emergency supplies are stored…
Emergency Supplies Store

Your family must be trained to know where the place of safety and meeting will be where you have stored your emergency supplies and survival gear. When disasters happen without warning, family members could be separated so plan some sort of communication system that the entire family and extended family are aware of.

Emergency Supplies at Home and Alternative Locations

Many families have fortified cellars or even built bunkers to survive disasters but it may happen that these plans become compromised when your home is damaged in a disaster. It is sensible to have alternative locations where emergency supplies and shelter can be accessed in this case. Arranged dedicated safe zones where emergency supplies are stored, on site and off site to cover any eventuality. One of the most important survival gear pieces of equipment overlooked in emergency supplies is self defense because during chaos you will need to be able to protect your family.

Invest in a firearm and learn how to use it to protect you and your family from criminal elements, or desperate refugees that may try and take your emergency supplies from you by force.

Emergency Supplies and Long term Stoarge Foods

With large scale disasters like earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis often causing major breakdown of utility supplies and infrastructure, your emergency supplies should contain sufficient long term storage foods to last at least 3 weeks or even longer. The most important supplies are water purification and food, followed by medical supplies and shelter.

Survival Training.

Although you have made adequate preparations in emergency supplies and have a good evacuation plan in place for your family go a step further and prepare them mentally.  There are great guides and even survival games that will help your family learn what it takes to overcome trying conditions.

Practicing evacuation drills and even surviving for a few days as if a disaster has really happened will make them strong and ready to survive when a real disaster happens.

Discuss with extended family your emergency preparedness plans for survival and where to get to the emergency supplies and places of safety. It is important to be able to help each other and it begins with opening up lines of communication so that everyone is prepared.
Emergency Evacuation Practice

Emergency Supplies Check and Practice

If you have had the foresight to prepare properly to survive any disaster then you are wise but go one step further to practice evacuation drills and periodically check the integrity of your emergency supplies at all locations.

Keep records of long term storage food expiry dates, water supplies and other gear so that you have peace of mind that you are ready to survive any catastrophic disaster whether natural or manmade. As technology improves with newer state of the art survival gear you can further add these items to your emergency supplies as time goes on too.