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Thank You to Survival Foresight for giving me the opportunity to share. Hayley NC

Let me tell you that it’s easy to ridicule survival preppers and call them doomsday prophets, but the reality is that the world is in upheaval with extreme natural disasters on the increase, and if you follow the media you will also note the increasing aggression between countries that is eventually going to explode into all out war, sooner rather than later.

You may be lucky enough to get sufficient warnings from the media to get your survival gear and supplies together in time or you may not. When a major catastrophe strikes the most important passions you own are your survival gear and supplies, bug out bags that family members quickly grab and go when evacuation warnings are broadcast.

Hurricane survival Gear and Supplies

My friends call me and my husband Henk paranoid because we have built up stashes of survival gear and supplies at home, and also in a basement on my parent’s farm in NC. We like to be prepared, and that is how I discovered Survival Foresight while looking for the most recent survival gear and supplies. Just like I have for many other survival websites, I enjoy writing guest articles to help people with emergency preparedness plans advice.

You have to ask the million dollar question about being able to survive and what you would need to come out in the aftermath alive and able to survive for however long it takes. Life is not like in these disaster movies where everything turns out ok afterwards, and if you have no emergency preparedness plans for you and your family all that happens when disaster strikes is panic and loss of life.

Just Cool Common Sense is All You Need!

People know me as a level headed person and no I don’t live engaged in constant survivalist fantasies, but do believe preparation is a smart decision rather than just having the hopeless defeatist attitude that when it all comes down I am going to die anyway Everyone has the opportunity for developing a custom made plan and getting together their own survival gear and supplies that they will feel comfortable with. When you have emergency preparedness plans then this helps you also keep a cool head in the chaos of a disaster which is one of the most important assets of all.

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You will find that the trends of being prepared for disaster and war survival are on the rise and this is heartening for me.  My simple goal is to share information to make people think and do something about having at least a minimum of survival gear and supplies on hand and some sort of family survival plan that everyone is aware of. You decide whether you are going to plan long term short term or just for a few days survival, and there is definitely no one size fits all plan either.

My advice to all survival preppers is to keep your survival pans simple and suited to the location where you live acceding to what common natural disasters are known to affect the region. At the minimum every member of the family should have a bug out bag of basic survival gear and supplies. Occasionally everyone must practice your survival plan so that when the real thing happens everyone can act with a cool head.

Everyone Should Have Basic Survival Plans in Place

Natural disasters kill more people than terrorism attacks and the loss and devastation of property and the town or city where you lived can be changed so badly after a hurricane, floods, or earthquakes for some examples, you will not recognize nor be able to navigate the area afterwards.

What would happen if you had no emergency preparedness plans or survival gear and supplies and a natural disaster struck without warning during the night? This caused a complete loss of electricity and water supplies, gas lines were compromised, and communications went down. Would you still have a cool head then or would you panic. More than likely the latter because this is what happens to any person when the services they are used to living with are all suddenly removed.

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My advice is to be prepared and stay calm when a natural disaster strikes because panic is infectious especially if you have children. You will be scared during a disaster because of the noise, chaos, weather conditions, affected visibility and debris flying around. When people are crowing and s rushing all over the place this increases panic, spreading from person to person rapidly.

Now is the time to remember your emergency preparedness survival gear and supplies and your plans have to now be put into action. My last bit of advice is simple; check the integrity of your survival gear and supplies at last every 6 months like I do so that you have peace of mind that everything is all good and well.

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