The Benefits of Survival Emergency Blankets in Your Survival Kits!

Hurricane Disasters

Survival Emergency Blankets Can Save Your Life!

Emergency Blanket Tact Bivvy

Vital Survival Blankets for Your Survival Kits…

Now, everyone heard about the emergency blankets often called bivvies , and most people have an idea of what they are used for, but to those who aren’t informed lets investigate why this is such an important item ion your survival kits…

These emergency blankets are sometimes referred to as  first aid blankets, space blankets and thermal blankets, and are  used by emergency services when a person is suffering from a loss of body heat.

This valuable survival blanket is also called a thermal weather blanket, and as described it helps you keep your body warm and cozy in extremely cold conditions. It can also be used as a shelter against the elements, or a sleeping bag.  Keep emergency blankets in your vehicle because they are compact and useful when there are accidents, or breakdowns in very cold weather, and best of all emergency blankets are so affordable you can order a few of them in one go.

Emergency Blankets Sleeping bags

Emergency blankets are thus a multipurpose item, knowing that using this blanket is perfect for going outdoors in the woods, for survival kits, or handy emergency item ion vehicles and at home.

lets summarize some of the uses of emergency blankets and you can order them at special prices directly from Survival

1. Emergency blankets provide warmth. The obvious use for an emergency blanket is for warmth in extreme conditions. You can use them to wrap around yourself when laying down in your tent, fighting off the cold

2. You can use these  bivvies as a sleeping bag as shown above, or if you already have one, it can provide you an extra layer in your sleeping bag for additional warmth and thermal properties.

3.  Use emergency blankets for signalling emergency services like helicopters or planes when you are in distress. The reflectivity of emergency blankets is perfect and can be seen in low visibility conditions.

4.  When someone has been injured in a vehicle accident or is suffering from exposures emergency thermal blankets will quickly restore normal body temperatures and stabilize the patient.

5. Emergency blankets bivvies are durable and tough so can be used to carry someone or even survival  items you need to transport over a distance to get to safety.

Invest in this important item for survival kits because besides the basic uses outlined above they are versatile for many other uses and being so small and compact they can be stored in your vehicle glove box or pockets of your emergency survival kit rucksacks.

Survival Blankets

When you are out travelling,  camping, or hiking, this lightweight survival blanket will definitely come in handy. Survival foresight offers emergency blankets and other super accessories to hep you build the perfect survival kits for any disaster preparedness.    As emergency blankets go this is an item that is simple not negotiable and thus a must have considering iots vesatility


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