Believe, That End Times are Unfolding!

End Time Signs Chaos


The Devil is Coming for You! End Times are Here!

Survival Preparedness

The increase in atheism is alarming just as it is for Satanism worship perhaps both sides believing that there needs to be some sort of proof before they will truly believe in God, Jesus and heaven…

There is just too much truth about the war between good and evil, and even when proof stares in you in the face your human nature is going to dismiss it.  The world is and the goodness of people is dwindling showing that we are all sliding into an evil pit. End times are prophecies in the bible with signs all around like the now often occurrence of the blood moon, the abolishment of Christianity in schools, crime spiraling out of control and many more examples,

Governments are now Corrupted & World economies are Collapsing

The United States is a powerful nation and because of this it affects countries all over the world. Deep levels of corruption exist right up to the president and whatever rules and laws are implemented the humble citizen has no choice but to follow like sheep. If you do some search online about the Antichrist and signs of end times you will see just how deep conspiracies go. Illuminati Conspiracies. Click here for More

Disasters both natural and manmade are increasing and never mind there are serious diseases like Ebola which is an unstoppable plague. Preparing you and your family for survival is crucial.

family Survival how to bug in forever

The current chaos is a result of the devil preparing to rule over an evil world which will happen as soon as the Christians become a minority!

Whether you know it or not, you will be forced carry the mark of the beast which is a newly planned system of tattooing bar-codes on your wrist or forehead which contain all your personal and credit information. Perhaps by now you have seen a movie of this!

It’s nothing to do with the conspiracy of the bar-codes having the number 666 within them somewhere but YOU having a permanent mark on your body forced upon you by the government!

REV 13:16 and he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,

Revelations in the Bible Tell of end times.

The bible has clearly mapped out world events indicating what will end times signs be, and although no one knows how time frames work in the bible it is not too difficult to work out that these have arrived.

Some readings in revelation indicate and include end times signs like the current recessions, war, feminine is some countries, the rising of the beasts, serious natural disasters and man’s inhumanity to man! Brutal crimes against men, women, and children are common and Christians are openly persecuted in certain world countries.

Your Life is Already Regulated & Controlled By The Antichrist.

Scoff at this if you like……!

It can be seen on the news and all around us that Evil is surfacing every where with Satanism reaching and now controlling even the highest levels of government. Is Obama the Antichrist many people are asking and naturally you cannot get a straight answer because of FEAR!

The decisions being made by many governments seem way over the heads of the interests of the people and top politicians and the wealthy are part of a covert organization known as the illuminati.

The Illuminati Signs

Deep in your soul you know that there is something wrong in the world and the Antichrist already walks among us, so start preparing yourself.

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Remember … The meek shall inherit the earth!

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