Basic Disaster Survival Tips. ( By Errol Rudman)

Common Sense Basic Disaster Survival Tips.

Although these disaster survival tips are quite basic it is good to know and a great lesson to teach your kids so that they know the basics of what they should do in an emergency. Considering disasters strike without warning if everyone knows what the common sense disaster survival tips are it can save their lives.

A disaster is something no one wants to experience, but it can’t be helped that Mother Nature has its ways of throwing certain situations at you like floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and even a  tornado without warning. That is why if you want to survive these disasters then it would be best that you follow the disaster survival tips below because they can help you survive during floods, earthquakes and even tornados.

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Floods Disaster Survival Tips
– When there is flooding that causes rising waters in your home then the most important thing you have to do is to make sure that you get to higher ground without delay because water levels can rise extremely quickly. This way you will not be in danger of drowning and if you are on the higher ground or on the roof of your home the helicopter rescue or emergency personnel would be able to find you immediately.

– Another thing you have to do is make sure that you are away from anything electric and if possible shut down the power before the water reaches it. Electricity with water will harm you or even kill you because water is a conductor for electricity to pass through and if you are wet you can be electrocuted.

– The next thing you do while waiting for rescue when you are thirsty is to boil water before you drink it so that there wouldn’t be any germs or bacteria that came from the flood. The boiling process can help in killing the germs and bacteria which will then be safe for you to drink. If you have prepared a survival kit with food and water you have been wise in making these emergency preparations, well done!

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Earthquake Disaster Survival Tips
– When there is earthquake get to safety quickly and during the earthquake then you should drop down your knees so that the earthquake wouldn’t shake you and let you fall. This way as well you wouldn’t get dizzy from all the movement. You can take shelter under a solid object or in a doorway.

– Another thing you have to do during an earthquake when you are outdoors is to stay away from tall things, or objects that can fall down from the result of the shaking. So if you are in the park then stay far away from trees for example.

– The next thing to remember is to stay still during the earthquake if you know you are in a safe place. You just have to remain where you are until the shaking stops unless you are in danger of injuries. Also, remember earthquakes come with aftershocks so be aware of new smaller quakes. This way there will be fewer chances for you to get injured or in an accident.

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Tornado Disaster Survival Tips
– When there is a tornado coming towards your location or close to your home then the most important thing you have to do is stay away from windows and seek a place of safety preferably in the basement. The tornado can break your windows and cause flying glass that will result in serious injuries.

– Another thing you have to do during a tornado because in most cases there is sufficient warnings is to go underground. If you have a basement then much better because this way you would be safe from the power of the tornado since it can suck in anything it passes.

– The next thing you have to do is to make sure that you don’t move from your safety area until the tornado has completely passed. You have to wait until the tornado is moved away and to do that you have to listen if there isn’t any thundering sounds, high wind sound, or movements from within your house.

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When you apply these simple disaster survival tips during a disaster then you will be safe from injury and even death from such a scenario.

Remember that if you do something reckless or unplanned during these disasters then it can be the end of you. That is why as much as possible you have to move fast, think fast and be smart enough to not do something that can put you and your family at risk.

The tips we mentioned above can even help you in those moments of catastrophe, so don’t forget about these and teach your children and family members too. This way you would be able to survive these disasters when they happen.


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