The Anti Christ. Who is He?

The Anti Christ

Who is the Anti Christ? Was it Obama…Is it Trump?

Hell and The Antichrist

Many people that have read revelations in the bible about end times wonder who the Antichrist is. Some have labeled high ranking politicians and even insisted Obama is the Antichrist.

Atheists dismiss the anti Christ just as they do I with any forms of religion or belief in a higher power. Hot debates are the norm in these circles about religion mostly with no real conclusion.

It is very easy to see real signs of God and what the bible predicts just as it is real enough to see the rampant spread of evil. Your own choices may destine you to hell which is very real!

The Antichrists Power. Hell Is For Real..

The Antichrists and Satan will promise wealth, power and excess to those that will follow him. Many celebrities are accused of worshiping Satanism and bowing to the Antichrist. There are many signs of this to be found through simple internet searches. Yes: HEAVEN IS FOR REAL….BUT SO IS HELL TOO!

The Antichrist and hell really exists

“Who is the anti-Christ?”  is still not answered but only guessed at just as many ask the question is God real? Was Obama the AntiChirist considering he removed religious instruction in schools… Will it be trump with his new sweeping policies?

In the bible there are scriptural references that describe everything about the coming of the anti-Christ. It has been said that he will have the form of a normal human man, and a soul of a fallen angel. The Antichrist will not be demonically possessed like many believe but will rise in favorable circumstances.

With this statement in mind it is thus easy to believe that the Antichrist would be in apposition of power to recruit followers while being able to bend laws according to his preferred ways. The mark of the beast shall be placed on you. Bar codes, microchips are all possibilities of being the mark of the beast. beware!

His minions will do his bidding and in his position of power he will easily be able to change the beliefs of those following him.

Hell is for real and the Antichrist will recruit your soul if your eyes are not opened….


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